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  1. A lot of neat ideas guys. It's really amazing how much room for creativity there is. I've got spare tile so I'm thinking along the lines of incorporating it.
  2. Through searching and general brainstorming, I understand that the best option to making hula skirts (for twin-tail grubs) would be through the use of an injection mold. However, I was curious I there is another option. I was thinking one of two things. If I dipped a rod, then used a tube-tail cutter, I could possibly use that as the skirt portion of the grub, or another member posted possibly drilling out/ carving a solid pop mold. Was wondering if anyone else had tossed this idea around or given it any thought. Thanks JP
  3. I saw those the other day...they look great! Up here I flip a beaver to imitate little bluegill when the jig-bite isn't happening. JP
  4. Bojon, I am new to this board and new to pouring plastics. I'm very much interested in making my own tubes, and I've heard you know a lot about high quality tube-making. Any help or guides you could offer would be very much appreciated!

    If you'd prefer you can email me at jpfearnofish@hotmail.com

    Thank you!


  5. Brand New to the board looking forward to pouring tackle this upcoming winter!

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