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  1. kejeon

    Entry for the jerkbait group

    Thanks Curt!
  2. kejeon

    balsa madness

    Nice bait, I like it.
  3. kejeon

    Entry for the jerkbait group

    Thanks Ben
  4. kejeon

    Entry for the jerkbait group

    Thanks Douglas!
  5. kejeon

    Grumpy Mullet

    great job bennie! five stars for sure!
  6. kejeon

    Entry for the jerkbait group

    Kind of a late entry for this great contest. This is one of my "crazy minnow" top-water jerkbait. The bait is about 10cm long and 14 gram with two size 6 treble hooks. Hand-carved balsa body, 1mm stainless steel through wire, of course reinforced eyelet with braided line. Four layers of E-tex gives it a shiny yet durable protection. Home made 3D eye, simple and bright. Airbrushed body and foiled gill plates with some fine details (probably won't see in the picture) Hope this could bring me some lure building supplies :-) Thanks for watching! You all have a great year of 2014! And here is the prototype swim test video if anyone interested in what it acts in the water. http://kejeon.blogsp...-swim-test.html

    © Qiquan Lu

  7. kejeon


    Those are some balsa jerkbaits I made. And this is the swim test video, You are welcome to add me as friend on fb Thanks
  8. kejeon

    My First Trout

    8cm balsa carved and foiled. due to the storage limit, more pictures can be find on my lure blog, Thanks everyone!
  9. kejeon

    white crappie

    Wow, looks so real! Nice work!
  10. kejeon

    First time photofish

    Thanks, guys
  11. kejeon

    First time photofish

    It turned out pretty cool to me. what you guys think? I just use the regular photo printed from walmart. Still need couple layers of e-tex to through into water.
  12. kejeon

    Luck E Strike Rc Stick?

    I'm assuming he consulted with several lawyers. It's just take too much time and money to sue him or the Luck E Strike.
  13. kejeon

    Luck E Strike Rc Stick?

    Is the rc stick better?
  14. kejeon

    Luck E Strike Rc Stick?

    RC also bring his LC-RC crankbaits to Luck E Strike. It much cheaper compared to Lucky Craft's.