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  1. Been trying to order some molds since November Last year. Keeps ignoring my emails. Finally gave up on ordering from them
  2. Ultra Molds has them https://ultramolds.com/product/twitchy-minnow/
  3. I would love to get my hands on some those molds in 4.5" and 6"
  4. Thanks for the replies. will contact Leonard to see if he can help
  5. HI Guys Does anybody know where I can obtain a mold for the Ditto Gator Tail Worm in 5.5" & 7" Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks guys will try your methods
  7. Hi Guys Can anybody help me with the following issue. Bought 3 packets of Zoom Swimming Fluke and can only use 2 out of the 3 packets. all the tails are bend causing the bait to spin in the water. Can I just place the in Hot water to sort out this problem. Thanks
  8. http://baitmold.com/plastic-bait-mold/crayfish-and-nymphs/aluminum-mold-c630-6-cavity-4-25-inch-106-mm/ Also available in an aluminum mold I have my eye on that one
  9. Thanks Frank Will try it
  10. Hi Guys Can anybody please help with a recipe for a Light Hitch Color Swimbait. Thanks in advance
  11. Hi Guys I have a customer looking for this color. Can anybody please help with the amber color? Need to order some colorant from Spike it and MF this week and would like to include the colors needed to make this bait. Have the Green Pumpkin Purple matched. Thanks
  12. Thanks Dave Will get some from Spike it and try
  13. Hi Guys Any help will be appreciated. Wondering if anybody had the recipe for the belly on the chick magnet bait fro Big Bite Baits. just can't get the white right. Seems to have a silver element to it. Tried Pearl Silver powder, too light Tried Pearl Smoke Colorant, to Light Tried pearl powder. too white. Tried Silver powder, too dark I do not have a lot of hair left and are pulling out the ones I have.
  14. Do you have a pic of this carp color bait
  15. Looks like Sparkle Violet to me https://www.ispikeit.com/product/831/sparkle-violet-4223-hexagonal-cut-0015 Any idea on the color for the top of the bait. also working to match this color
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