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  1. I'm back to building my dream frog rod thanks to JWags, I'm just curious what all goes into a split grip rod? I know the foregrip and reargrip but after that I'm pretty clueless as far as winding checks and stuff.. anyone have a list of everything I'll need for an EVA split grip? I really like the split grip on the Abu Garcia Vendetta rods with the accenting red, I'd like to make one with blue accents if possible.
  2. After hearing all the input I'm starting to re-think what I want my first rod to be, I've been looking around and doing even more research on it all. I originally wanted to do a 7' Frog Rod with an EVA split grip, but it's looking a little bit too complicated for a beginner. I'm now thinking about doing a 6'6 ultra-light kit that Mudhole has with an MHX blank and cork grips, any suggestions?
  3. Have been thinking about building my own rod for awhile, and recently have really been getting into it.. So I wanted to get my list together, i'm looking for my first rod to be a 7' Topwater Casting Rod, I have been looking at Mudhole for awhile and the blank I've decided on is an MHX Casting blank (CB845-Blend), I'm an EVA kind of guy and like the Camo EVA they have at mudhole, however I'm not sure what size of diameter I'm looking for in my blank. Also I like the Fuji Silicon Carbide guides, I'm a braid kind of guy and these seem like some tough guides.. after all that however It's just kind
  4. Yeah that makes a lot of sense now, thanks Frank. Sorry if the questions seemed dumb, just a newbie here getting a little curious trying to figure everything out before I really get into this thing. I see that you have the bobstackleshack frog too, that seems to be a really popular frog around here. I just looked at Bears Baits Kickin' Frog, I really like the look of that frog, especially for the fact that it comes up to 5" that's one big frog seems like a winner to me.. any suggetions?
  5. Yeah Frank you really do make it look easy, I have a couple questions now after looking at that. What would happen if you did pour some of the legs and feet before closing the mold, and would you be able to pour three color frogs this way? The last question I have, for now, is actually about dipping the frogs after they're poured if you poured a frog let's watermelon body with white belly and then dipped it in some off color like red would the watermelon and white show through? I guess I'm asking if you could make the off color transparent enough that the under colors would show through, and d
  6. well it looks like all signs are pointing towards powder paint, after doing a little more research I understand where everyone is coming from I'm hoping to get my molds/paint here in the near future, will probably do a little bit more research on everything before I start ordering. Thanks for the advice guys, and smalljaw I'm located halfway between State College and Harrisburg.
  7. Thanks for the tip Peterjay, I'm excited to get out and go fly fishing. It's something I've wanted to do for awhile just never really thought I could do it, just recently decided I would take a chance at it and try my hand in it.
  8. HawgBone


    Pogue, that's some really high quality work, very impressive!
  9. Hey Cadman, Thanks for the advice, hearing someone beef up powder paint like that makes me want to give it a try. I'm looking forward to seeing your work, and hoping to get some more opinions. I'm planning on eventually doing jigs which could easily be done with powder paint too, so maybe I'll be able to save myself an expense there, and join the die hard powder paint fans!
  10. I love fishing buzzbaits, so as soon as I got into this whole lure making business buzzbaits were the first thing I had thoughts of making, and now that the this dream is soon going to become a reality I'm wondering how most guys out there are painting their buzzbaits? I see a lot of jigs being painted by powder paint but would that be as effective on buzzbaits? I've been looking at air brushes and they seem to be the way to go, but I wanted to get some outside opinions before I went and bought one. I would like to paint a two color buzzbait, so i figured an airbrush would be the way to go.
  11. Hello Everyone, I'm a newbie to fly fishing and this forum just wanted to get into the mix of things and have heard that bluegills on fly tackle have been very fun, and might be a good way for a newbie in fly fishing to start. So what's everyone's favorite fly for panfish? Instructions/materials for trying it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any advice, and I'm excited to be here at tackleunderground!
  12. It's getting cold in PA, time to get out the molds and play!

  13. And you made it sound pretty easy to hand pour a laminate, is it a lot harder than you made it sound? or is there really not a lot to it? I was also looking at a 7" Berkeley power worm type mold, but after talking with Del he said in a hand pour the tail would have to be poured and then close up the mold and pour the body. Have you had any experience with anything like that?
  14. Those frogs look great, do the frogs from that mold really push around a lot of water? I haven't really ever seen legs like that, most legs you see go back in consistent angle, those legs kind of bend around, definitely a neat design!
  15. After browsing around for awhile I can't seem to find the frog mold that I'm looking for. I'm trying to find a 2-sided hand pour aluminum frog mold that has some decently big paddle feet and a somewhat thick body. Anyone know of any frog molds out there that they have had great success with that fit my description? I looked at Del's buzzfrog and if I can't find another mold then that is probably the one I'll be buying. On a sidenote, what's everyone's favorite color for their frogs? Mine personally is watermelon w/ black flake, I'd like to hear other opinions though before I start pouring.
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