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  1. Did you heat set all your paints? I make sure to heat seat every layer of paint and never had a problem with wrinkling.
  2. My name is Tim Hartmann. I am have been married for 7 years and have two beautiful kids, a black lab cross and a cat. I love to catch smallmouth most of all along with walleye, pike, largemouth, etc. I paint when I can and I sell the unpainted blanks along with a ton of other fishing tackle on my website. I can't wait to try my new Patriarch this summer! As far as letting you know how I do something I am an open book. I can't reply on a lot of the posts because I have never done most of the things people are asking for. I will help you mix colors, get a cool scale pattern, give you my crankbait color charts, etc. You just need to ask. Thanks and I love this site!
  3. I think a lot of guys who make them out of wood use bass and balsa wood. Must be easy to carve. I have never made any but that would be my guess.
  4. I will try and see if I have any of that diamond loofa stuff around. I though mine used to be like that but maybe I was using something different. It has to be in the way he puts it on and then the angle he sprays the color.
  5. Walleyes mainly hit minnow or shad type cranks. I have not had luck on the fatter cranks that bass go after. Husky jerks, countdowns, flicker shads, smash shads, original floaters, etc. We mainly fish for walleyes up here so I don't have much bass stuff but a ton of walleye cranks.
  6. Here is a couple of baits that I got painted this week. I think I may of about figured out on how he did it. I just put the shower loofa on the bait with no paint then painted it all white and then went to the colors. But I sprayed the colors front the back at an angle. It changed quite a bit with how steep of an angle you sprayed it at. I would like to make a video about how to spray this but I am not sure how my camera would work for this. I really want a camcorder for doing videos which I may have to invest in soon.
  7. Is that a belly shot of a bb lures bait or did you do that? That looks awesome!
  8. tekoutdoors.co


    Amazing! What airbrush do you use?
  9. tekoutdoors.co


    Not only can you carve but you can paint! Great work!
  10. tekoutdoors.co


    Cool Patterns and I really like the topcoat!
  11. I'm with cougar on being able to do it with a shower loofah. That is what his pattern looks like. I got a bunch of new ice fishing stuff in this week so hopefully I can get away long enough to try some new things with painting.
  12. tekoutdoors.co

    IMG 0611[1]

    Nice set of craws you have there.
  13. tekoutdoors.co

    IMG 0615[1]

    Cool natural colors on that bait! Should work great in clear water!
  14. That looks really cool. I am going to try and paint this coming week. I will try and finish one in 3 hours and that is why its a hobby!!
  15. I will order up the rippin rap ko's next week with the eyes to go with them. I will let you know when I get them. They should be about $1.50 each including the eyes.
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