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  2. I have a medium flat rate box FULL of scrap plastic that I don't need. All different colors. First person to PM me gets it. Just pay the $11 for shipping (United States only, sorry)
  3. I got the starter kit from Caney Creek Molds and am extremely happy with it. The service and turn around time is great too! Here's a link to the starter kits: http://www.caneycreekmolds.com/Kits-and-Certificates_c_24.html I got the 4" Croaker and it's the best frog I've used
  4. One of my favorite bed colors: Bubble Gum 1 cup plastic 15 drops M-F White 3 drops M-F Red
  5. I need up to 50 paddle tails, any size, in a couple different colors. I'll trade 1 frog for 1.5 paddle tail worms (2 frogs per 3 worms basically). The frogs I make are made from the Caney Creek Croaker mold. The frogs are 4" long. I can add sealed in eyes too if you want. The frogs have a belly designed like the hull of a boat, which eliminates roll overs. Just an awesome frog. I can make a wide range of colors, so just let me know what colors you want and I'll do the same. As you can see from the attached picture, I can do two color frogs if you'd like.
  6. GoneFroggin

    Baby Bassssss

    I like those a lot! Good job!
  7. You might remember them from when you were younger. I wonder if the molds would work for making some cool looking baits... http://www.dr-goop.com/molds
  8. I think most people glue on the eyes and/or dip the head in clear, hot plastic to seal them in. Nova also has a nice idea for making the eyes stay on too. You can see it by clicking: HERE
  9. Not a problem. I should be thanking all of you guys are TU for all the great information you provide
  10. I agree. The Caney Creek Croaker mold I got is awesome! It makes some of the best frogs I've ever used. Jason at Caney Creek is also a nice and extremely helpful guy. When I first got the mold I posted pictures of a couple frogs I made and a tiny bit of the foot was missing on each frog. Jason called me up and gave me a bunch of great advice on things like temperature and safety tips that definitely helped me out. Top notch service and products all the way around.
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