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  1. how much lead is from the connection link to exposed hook shank? That's what I'm worried about...the hook becoming loose moving side to side. You may be right though, hard lead might fix that issue. Hopefully there will be a hook available soon to the public where no link will have to be used...sizes 4 through 1/0. Anything higher, might as well just use something else.
  2. Not sure how durable they are if you hook up on a hawg though. The weak link would be within the lead where the insert and the hook is at. Anyone bought and tested those yet?
  3. Looks so similar to the Snootie Jig mold.
  4. I did. I ordered the KBS Thinner through the KBS website. Won't get here till the 25th.
  5. Lowe's got a replacement call Pro Thinner by Crown. They said it's a replacement for MEK, Toluene, and Xylene. I didn't want to risk using it to thin the KBS, so I decided not to buy it.
  6. Found out that Xylene is now prohibited for sale and use in California. I'm not sure why, but I decided to just order the KBS #1 Thinner instead.
  7. Nathan, do you measure or just eyeball the amount of thinner when adding it? Also, instead of shaking, would it be better to stir?
  8. To the guys that are using KBS clear. Are you guys using Xylene/Xylol, or KBS Thinner? And what is the process to thin the KBS clear if it's stored in a mason jar? TIA!
  9. yes, the area where the plastic was touching the lure had a melting effect.
  10. The Rustoleum clear reacts to plastic softbaits. I placed a senko next to a bait I had used the rustoleum on and later saw that the clear on the hardbait had bubbled where the senko was on.
  11. mythos

    Clear Coat

    Just pour into a mason jar from the kbs can? Wouldn't that trap/create bubbles?
  12. mythos

    Clear Coat

    Thanks. I just got a quart of KBS Diamond in yesterday and was hesitant to try it before reading up more about it on TU. Btw, do you guys just open the lid, dip and hang the lure, and then place the lid back onto the KBS container?
  13. mythos

    Clear Coat

    Has anyone use a small brush to wipe the excess KBS clear that forms around the eye sockets to see if it would eliminate the foam/bubbles?
  14. Jigskinz. I haven't tried it, but looks promising. http://www.barlowstackle.com/Fishing-Lure-Jig-Skinz-C348.aspx
  15. Off topic, but how do you guys transfer the clear from the KBS container to a mason jar? Just curious if the transfer created any bubbles. Thx.
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