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  1. Making perch color poison swingtail chatterbaits !!!!
  2. I love this mold !!!! I make chatterbaits with it also !!!!
  3. Made a video making Shake-It jigs
  4. Made a video making Shake-It jigs
  5. I order my skirts from
  6. Haven't tried that. But would have to either use 2 split rings or a vertical eye hook if only using 1 split ring.
  7. Yeah it was cold out for sure. My little space heater in the shed sure did help though ! Thanks for watching!
  8. So funny you said that, I was totally thinking when I was making the video "I feel like a puppeteer" hahahhaha
  9. lol yeah I know. Just a small tank and don't have a lot of room
  10. Thanks for watching !!!! I didn't use any salt in the craws
  11. Was asked to make this video, So i made the video Football Swing Jig vs Fixed Football head in the test tank.
  12. I fish the Zipper Goby mostly on Drop Shot.
  13. Will try to make a video here in a few days !!!!!