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  1. Do-Its MFJ-6-A Midwest Finesse Jig Mold I made a video making the Midwest Finesse Jigs. Hope it helps somebody?
  2. I made a video making the Midwest Finesse Jigs. Hope it helps somebody? I do mention the VMC hook i use with this mold also.
  3. Do-it's keel head buzzbait mold

    Made a video making Buzzbaits with the Buzz-Keel !!!
  4. The Ripper Swimbait !!!!

    Yeah def a little expensive but its such an awesome bait !!!! Absolutely perfect for a chatterbait trailer !!!!!
  5. The Ripper Swimbait !!!!

    Yeah I wish it was a multiple cavity mold and yes the price is a little steep
  6. The Ripper Swimbait !!!!

    I have nothing but good stuff to say about the ripper. It is an absolutely perfect chatterbait and swimjig trailer. I've been catching a lot of fish with the ripper. It is def a must have mold for your arsenal!!!
  7. Making perch color poison swingtail chatterbaits !!!!
  8. Poison SwingTail Jig mold PST-6-a

    I love this mold !!!! I make chatterbaits with it also !!!!
  9. Made a video making Shake-It jigs
  10. Made a video making Shake-It jigs
  11. buy spinnerbait tabs

    I order my skirts from
  12. Haven't tried that. But would have to either use 2 split rings or a vertical eye hook if only using 1 split ring.
  13. Yeah it was cold out for sure. My little space heater in the shed sure did help though ! Thanks for watching!