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  1. crapycandy

    Mud Hole Rod Building Class

    I guess I will let everybody know if the class is any good!
  2. Hello All, just wanted to know if anybody has feedback on mud hole rod building classes. Im new to the rod building scene and was just wondering if its a waste of time, am I better off going at it on my own or is it worth while. Im looking for honest opinions not looking to discredit mud hole in any way! thanks CC
  3. crapycandy

    Through Wire Help

    if you want long drill bits look for Aircraft bits, they usually are around 1' long. I use an old school hand drill so the bit doesn't walk, for balsa you can just drill by hand no drill necessary.
  4. crapycandy

    Top Coat

    Well Im glad I didn't just try it and got some feedback first. I love making plugs and lures but I don't want to burn down my shop! thanks guys!
  5. crapycandy

    Top Coat

    Has anybody tried to use a rotisserie oven like the one seen on tv "set it and forget it" to oven bake ETEX on or am I wasting my time? I am figuring you can set the temp to about 120 degrees and maybe oven bake it on! or is the drying whell at room temp the best bet?
  6. crapycandy

    Lure Drying Wheel Top Coat Application

    Thanks for input it will help out. I was always wondering if there was a better way and from the post it looks like there is. Thanks again!
  7. Hello All, I am new to this site and hope I'm posting in the right spot. Here is my dilemma. I have a drying wheel that will hold up to eight lures/plugs at a time. The problem I am having is getting the lures coated with a top coat then placed onto the drying wheel. I currently have alligator type clips attached to 10" plywood wheels. As you can imagine it can become a daunting task. Should I attach them to the wheel first then top coat or top coat then attach them to the wheel? Any suggestions on the process or modification suggestions to the drying wheel would be greatly appreciated!