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  1. Some of those micro sized motors from Sci american can be run on solar panels!!
  2. I don't know crap. But, if you were going to dip a tube in something hot and it worked better the colder the tube was. Why not make one from Aluminum that is hollow and fill it with ice? We are talking broom handle size right? You could keep adding ice and dipping away. Is that dumb? Hummm having that water close to the hot platic could lol cause issues I guess.
  3. Count, I'm a complete amatuer. But, what you said makes perfect sense to me. SOrt of light bulb learning moment. thanks.
  4. The machine makes all kinds of neat little things all by itself, it's a full cnc 3 axis machine. NOt sure how you "use" one in jog mode. You mean simply moving it back and forth? I've actually hand programmed several bait molds already. SImply axis rotation, worms.lol I could do tool path checks on software. But, I can crash it all by myself. lol Bob let me look into finding a driver I need for this control.
  5. I see where I made the comment about commercial quality molds, in reference to making my skills that good. I don't plan on going into business(seems a common thread around lol). I just like fishing, making lures, have a machine. 1+ 1
  6. Bob, I've got a mid 80's Chicago index mill with anilam retro fitted controls. It makes a lot of scary noises.lol But it is damn accurate. Less than .001 repeatability on a 3.5 inch circle(common use for the machine). And not taking a lot of time, it's pretty large. SOrt of the thing I'm wondering with it, using really small ball end mils in this larger machine. Of course you can I'm just wondering what type of accuracy I'm capable. I think really good. AS far as design soft ware I have autocad and several other good basic free cam nased software. The trick that I haven't look for, since
  7. Frank, Fued really? Wow, the fishing forum gets stranger. But, I didn't realize. But, now I have an idea. I see a lot of other similar types of things that do have such things, so I didn't think it was such an illogical leap.
  8. Bob, I always like your posts. You seem like a realist. You said, Some will tell you to shell out for a CPA (edit shorter, I think you know what I mean) I did make the recommendation for the CPA. I really didn't explain fully. I really meant IF you were going to get one or the other , attorney or CPA, get a CPA first. I don't consider it a must, if you're small you do whatever it takes, right? If you are in a fortunate position to hire professional help, you know....
  9. I was wondering if there were any files to get. What ever is available in public domain, of course, and free. lol It would help me to faster get to actually making a more complex mold with out cad design. I'm more interested in my machine capabilites than cad skills currently, I know what they are. SO with limited time I'd like to start seeing what it takes(tooling, fixturing, etc) to make more complex molds. Thanks
  10. I see much paranoia about patents. I am not a lawyer. BUt for example you can make a copy of a piece a music you purchased if it's for personal use. Same as dvr recording a show for personal use. It get's different when you start selling. I imagine copying a bait for personal use would be about the same.
  11. JS bass, I started several small businesses. I heard a lot of advice about hiring an attorney. Well my experience is do';t do that, hire an accountant. Lawyers are for when you're in trouble. Accountants will keep business' from needing a lawyer. And he'll have way more input for how to actually make money instead of spending it on lawyer fees.
  12. I've always thought the site loaded slow. EVen the previous version. I sort of blamed my end, maybe is. But, I have a feeling all the bells and whistles , like seeing the thread before actually entering it, and the ads that always change and even the new gallery photo each screen shot eats upload time.
  13. Thank you als worms. Which reading back through I see some typos. But, this forum browser seems to have this annoying tendency to bounce around when trying to edit and it's such a large post I was going mad try to find the right spot with the cursor. lol
  14. I googled this and found DIRECT reference to fishing lures on the IRS website. I think some people who didn't know before might now understand what so many people are talking about when they talk about over taxation, the handicap it creates to foriegn products and what small business is saying when asking the gov to get out of their way. Don't forget that if you CAN make a profit after the tax burden, you'll pay tax again when you spend it. And if it's gas you'll pay tax AGAIN to the fed gov.
  15. I've been lurking a short period. And I find this site very informative. Also, it seems pretty tight knit with some serious lure makers. So I felt the courtesy of an intro was in order before I started freely posting. I live in one of the most depraven places to fish in the country. The Motor Racing capitol of the world, Indianapolis. Lucky for me I have a great house directly on the White river. River of t WHich is one of the best small mouth rivers around. Even luckier my shoreline is considered one of the best places on the river. OR not so lucky since it sees a lot of pressure. Wed n
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