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  1. Thanks for the feedback guys I think i'm just going to have to make a mold out of these. I've found a few companies that make some very similar (culprit, zoom, BPS) but not in this size, only 7"+
  2. "Bear, BT and Del all use a 5/8 port on their molds." SHK is right. and BassTackle is a very easy company to work with! It seems like there motto is "the costumer is always right" ha. They even gave me a credit once just because my order didn't get sent out within a certain time frame due to a family matter. Highly recommend them. Great product as well
  3. Hello guys. I have been trying to figure out the name of this worm for 2 years now and the last time I remember my father in law buying these was about 5 years ago!! the BEST plastic worm for smallies IMO period! he says they were "Renegades" but I don't think he's right? maybe, but i'm not sure. I know they are more than likely discontinued =( I always got them in a black body w/ chartreuse tail or brown body w/ chartreuse tail. These changed color due to sitting next to red colored grubs for 4 years Thanks for any feedback! "he thinks he use to buy them from walmart"
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    =) sweet, and I know how that is! haha. I think this quote applies for all of us > " My biggest fear in life is that when I die, My wife will sell my fishing gear for what I said I paid for it"
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    These are both from BassTackle. I've always wanted to try Jacobs, but never got around to it =/
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  7. (SOLD) I have a 3oz Bass Tackle injector and a two sided aluminum 3" trout worm mold. I have caught countless fish with these worms! Bass, Crappie, Trout and Sunfish/Gills. Its a 10 cavity mold and they shoot perfect every time. $100 for both, FREE priority shipping! my loss, your gain =)
  8. Ya, I sold it actually and tried to edit it and put "SOLD" but all it did was repost another post? haha
  9. Ok thanks! it's on its way now =)
  10. yes I do, sorry for the late reply, I just put it on my old site www.adamsbaits.com (I'm still working on my new one)
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