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  1. I seal my plugs with fabulan and they are sealed. Trust me. I believe that i need to use the denatured alcohal and 1st coat thin and then do a second.
  2. Hey folks hope everyone is having a good day. I have been using the devcon 2 ton to topcoat my lures. I have been putting one heavy coat on the baits. Do I need to aply another coat. If so do i need to not install the devcon on too thick the first time. I guess im asking for a break down on how to exactly topcoat a balsa crankbait. And i am also noticing alot of air bubbles on my baits after i brush on the Devcon 2 ton. I would like to know what i am doing wrong to get those bubble. Is it the brush or do i need to thin or what. You all have always been very helpful with my questions. So Thanks and May GOD BLESS YOU ALL
  3. All handmade crankbaits a different wood,density ect so there not knockoffs they are one of a kind.
  4. Wow mention somthng bad about a Knock off and you are libel to get WHOOPED around here. Here is my opinion. I say i would rather spend the extra money to get the real thing. I have fished for over twenty years and if someone hands you a bait and asks you to guess if it is a knockoff or not. A good fisherman will notice the diference. By the way i am not big on painting someone elses bait. I make my own. If i like a bait i will make my own. I am personal friends with the best crankbait fisherman here in East Tennessee and he has baits that are handmade and 10 to 20 years old and they will outfish any luckcraft that anyone here has in there box. So lets keep it real. Make your own. There is alot more pride involved in a handmade lure and the paint job in my book. Have a good day and may God Bless You All.
  5. I have never heard of a Bass or any other predater fish sniffing a lure. Thats why they call it a reaction strike. new to me though.
  6. I have a good idea for all. To me it sounds like even though you paint with water base paints that there is still alot of trouble with clean up and thinning. I paint exclusively with laquer paints and i dont have any problems with the clean up or the vapors that do exist. I use the Lifetone and Polytranspar line of airbrush ready paints and i also do not have any problem with florecent colors. A 8 oz bottle of paint is 8 to 10 dollars and they last forever. I understand the concept of water base paints but it seems to me that its the same amount of time spent to paint. With the laquer paint it is not water base and we dip all these lures in water when we go fishing. It just seems like the same amount of trouble to me. But im no expert for sure just an opinion.
  7. Hey i spray Laquer and I built my own spray bppth out of wood and i found a central vaccum out of a house and i have the Hose tied to the bottom of the box and i open the window and put the exhaust hose out the widow and it has worked graet for me and i also sand with it too. GOOD LUCK AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL. [ quote name=Whitedog' timestamp='1297912093' post='161561] I dealt with this very problem a couple of weeks ago. I got tired of having to wait for a decent day to be able to paint outside. I ended up with a bilge pump blower motor of the type used to vent the bilge on inboard boats. These are meant to vent gasoline fumes so they should be safe for all types of paint fumes and they are pretty strong and move a good bit of air. I spent about thirty-five bucks for the motor and enough four inch flex tubing to get the air outside the barn where I paint. It works great the only problem is that the motor is 12v so I hook up a battery charger to power it. I use automobile lacquer paint so I don't care to breathe the fumes more than I can help.
  8. Sorry for my ignorance but what is DN2. Is that a sealer or a finish coat chemical.
  9. Thanks NET MAN. One stupid question maybe. Does white primer count as a Base or do i need to spray pure white paint first. Thanks and MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
  10. Well i sat down this weekend and painted some lures and i have noticed my progression everytime i paint. I do not mix enemal and laquer. Im trying to use laquer only but when i first started i bought some 1 shot sign paint and i made some plugs with it. I was not satisfied with the drying time. Also i sprayed some bright yellow enamel and when i got my laquer chocolate brown i sprayed it on top for a brown and yellow plug and it came out pretty good. I took all the enamel back though and i will not be useing it again. I have a body style of bait that i have never seen before and i have Bass fished for more than 20 years and i believe that it is going to be a good bait. Hey guys i am comfused with the concept of what types of laquers need this and that undercoat. Such as transparent and pearl and iredescent colors so if someone could let me know what the standard is i would appreciate it. Also i will post some pics soon. They may not be the best around but i am proud of myself. And with whats going on in my life it feels good to feel good about something.I have painted over 25 baits and i will probably never fish with them because of work but there mine. Hey Thanks and May GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
  11. I purchased some paint from Wasco but i found a place close to knoxville that has lifetone in stock. The neon paint is lifetone and i do not have to thin them at all. Im new to all of this but i believe that i need to put some reducer so that it will not dry. I purchased the paint at Dixie Taxidermy in Rodgersville,Tennessee. Very nice people Too.
  12. Whats up my new friends. I feel very fortunant to have found this site. I posted the other day and my questions were answered by good answers and good spirits. Well i still have questions and probably will for a while so here they are. I decided to paint some lures last night. I purchased the neon yellow and neon orange of the lifetone laquer paints and when i spray them the paints runs on the lure. Non of the other lifetone or polytranspar paints have done that to me so far and i was wondering if anyone else have had that problem with these before. I live in Knoxville,Tennessee so go BIG ORANGE RIGHT and i am having problems finding the devcon 2 ton epoxy. Does anyone here have any sugestions at all. It would be helpful. You know i have been sealing my lures with Fabulon and i dip 3 to 4 times and i have been using testors laquer primer. I spray the primer straight from the can and it seems that it is too thick. Do i need to airbrush it on or is it ok to spray from the can. Ok im learning little by little to airbrush and the airbrush i bought has 10 tips in the case. I have an aztec a7778 airbrush and it has fine line tip,general detail tip, high flow tip,medium detail tip, some acrilic tips and some that i cant think of. i have been using the general detail tips for the painting and im having trouble with the lifetone paint drying before i can get the brush up to the lure. Thats another question WOW. Also do i need to sand the fabulon down twice or just the first time. I dipped some lures 3 times and it still seemed kind of thin. And the last question. I have bought some paint by looking on the net and from a color chart and when i finally get it im not happy with the colors. I bought the lite green and the medium green and the candy dark green from lifetone and even the neon orange really disapointed me. I need for someone to give me some good advice on some colors that i can buy that are not going to be questionable. I dont know i believe that i am having some sort of block on putting all the colors together and coming up with something to please me. I need to figure out some florescent colrs in the laquer line or can i use something else. Thanks and May GOD BLESS YOU ALL
  13. Thanks for all the good advice. I have become kind of frustrated with it and i want to work every night. But i have taken a day of rest to fix my thoughts. Just running around trying to find everything you need is frustrating enough. I found that it is more expensive than i thought. Once again Thanks and May God Bless You All.
  14. Ok Folks i have entered into the fine world of making crankbaits. I make them mostly out of balsa and sand them myself. I purchased a aztec a7778 airbrush unused for 150 dollars and i have been using laquer paints such as lifetone and polytranspar. I was wanting to know what peoples opinions are of the laquer paints. I have made a paint booth with good ventilation and i dont mind the smells i wear a good mask. I also want to know is it best to put the lip in after you paint or install it before. And how do you go about without getting the all over the bait. Also Do i have to rotate the baits after i brush on the devcon 2 ton epoxy. I have bought a bunch of paint and it seems like i can never really paint a bait that i really like. It always seems like im missing something. Also can you really thin epoxy with the denatured alcohal and do i need a drying wheel if i do that. Hey if anyone lives in the knoxville,tennessee area and would like to help me out it would be greatly appreciated. I am having to pretty much do all this by trail and error and sometimes it seems like alot of hassle but i like to do it alot. Also is my airbrush sufficient enough. I have a airbrush compressor. Do i need to get a bigger compressor. Man i think about this stuff all the time. Also does anyone else use lacquer paint evryone seems to use the water base. I would think that lacquer is more durable. I need some painting lessons very bad and some advice on the strategy of the whole process. Thanks and God Bless You All. P.S. What is the common weights that one uses for the Belly weights.
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