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  1. Some guys are 3d printing masters
  2. I've had good luck with certain paints from allpowderpaint.com
  3. Boy I definitely didn't mean to insinuate that I'm better at jig tying than anyone else. I just have always felt it was an unnecessary step. I tie 4 half hitch knots, and leave about an inch inch and a half tag. I suppose if you cut the thread flush with your knot it might come undone
  4. No collar on mine. All mine are tied with skirt tabs also. Ive fished my jigs until there's hardly any material left and have never had one fall apart.
  5. I have never felt glue was ever needed on the bass jigs I tie. 210 flat waxed thread, and 4 half hitch knots. Snip thread and leave about an inch. Never had a jig fall apart.
  6. If you use a waxed thread you don't have to apply anything to the thread. I use 3-4 half hitch and trim the thread and leave about an inch.
  7. Nothing at all. 4 half hitch knots with waxed thread. Cut and leave thread about an inch long. Ive never had one come undone
  8. kris brantner


    I hand tie each of my jigs with thread, and charge $3. That's a tad low, I should be more like 4. For yours, that are just banded, I would say $2.50-3. personally I think $6 for that swing jig is outrageous.
  9. Certain products are just a given though and will sell every year. Weedguards, chatterbait blades, black and blue Skirt material, ect are all proven sellers and they run out of constantly. Their problem is their sources are overseas and it's just not that easy to get in product in a hurry. Erin has told me before that they have to guess months ahead of time what they will sell. Like I said, certain colors and products are constant sellers and they should have figured that out by now. How about we quit telling everyone to shop there on forums lol. Then maybe they wouldnt sell out of everything...
  10. Kris, I thought I had several of the medium, black Boss weed guards. But what I had in the medium were Lure crafts. I do have approx. 275 black boss stiff weed guards. I can spare you 100 if that will help. Just send me your address and I will put them in the mail. When they do get some in, you can just repay me. How does that sound.? Hope this will help out.  Saugerman

    1. kris brantner

      kris brantner

      Thanks, I appreciate it! I can mail ya some back in 6 months when they finally get some in lol other wise I can just send ya some $ PayPal. Either way you're helping me out a bunch. My address is

      Kris brantner

      509 boyd st

      Pepin wi 54759

    2. Saugerman


      You can just send me 100 stiff  blackl weed guards, from Boss when you order from them in six months. I will ship these out Monday, hope it helps you out.


    3. kris brantner

      kris brantner

      That's awesome, I sure appreciate it. I love their stuff but man they are sure pretty empty this time of year.

  11. I've got plenty of other weedguards, thanks for the offer though
  12. Just wonder if anyone would be super cool and have an extra 100 pack of black 1/8 weedguards. Medium or heavy it does not matter. Erin never seems to know when they are getting a dang shipment in and tackle warehouse has June 30th as a back order date. I don't know why they don't have pallets of these and they go out of stock every year. Shame on me for thinking I had enough. If someone could help me out that would be awesome. Thanks
  13. Too much inventory might not be good, but you also cannot sell what you don't have.
  14. Quit telling everyone to order from there haha....
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