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  1. Cougarftd

    Rat Pattern

  2. We (Get Bit Custom Baits) just received a large order of 90mm, 110mm, and 130mm should be here Friday...they will be loaded in stock by tomorrow afternoon. (Friday)
  3. That was an additive I added
  4. I mix the glitter with the KBS
  5. Cougarftd

    Custom Bull Gills

    Pumpkinseed pattern on a 6" bull gill
  6. Cougarftd

    Rat Pattern

    Rat pattern on a wake
  7. Cougarftd

    Custom Swimbaits

  8. Cougarftd

    Custom Swimbaits

    Gills, Crappie, and pumpkinseed
  9. Cougarftd

    Custom Swimbaits

    Black Crappie
  10. Custom 6" Bull Shad ...golden shiner
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