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  1. Jackall Giron Swimbait

  2. IMG-3953.J

    That was an additive I added
  3. Jackall Giron Swimbait

    Thank you
  4. Jackall Giron Swimbait

  5. KBS and Glitter

    I mix the glitter with the KBS
  6. Custom Bull Gills

    Pumpkinseed pattern on a 6" bull gill
  7. Rat Pattern

    Rat pattern on a wake
  8. Custom Swimbaits

  9. Custom Swimbaits

    Gills, Crappie, and pumpkinseed
  10. Custom Swimbaits

  11. Custom Swimbaits

    Black Crappie
  12. Couple from last night...

    Custom 6" Bull Shad ...golden shiner
  13. Couple from last night...

    custom 9" bull Shad ... rainbow trout
  14. IMG-3953.J

    Thank you
  15. IMG-3953.J

    This is a Roman Made Mother that came to me rather chewed up...I was given freedom to use my judgement on pattern just requested colors to use. He was very pleased with the end result...combination of holographic foil and polytranspar paints. Cleared with KSB clearcoat!