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  1. Jerkbait pike glider

    Thanks for your watching and comment. I hope these jerkbaits will bring nice emotions not only to look at but as well to catch and release momentum
  2. Jerkbait pike glider

    Thank you for your input Your attention and comments work as motivation to move further on... for me, personally, it is great success to present for a customer jerkbait which is developed in a manner "top-notch"
  3. Jerkbait pike glider

    ...another angle to get feeling about the jerkbait
  4. Jerkbait pike glider

    ... another color scheme to tease pikes
  5. Jerkbait pike glider

    ...another angle to look at ...
  6. Jerkbait pike glider

    ...another member of the flock of pikes
  7. Jerkbait pike glider

    ...another view to the jerkbait "pike"
  8. Jerkbait pike glider

    ... definitely approved by pikes ... fully handmade wooden jerkbait glider
  9. Jerkbait glider

    This is new idea, finally implemented after the various tests on the water. The jerkbait itself is floating glider. The animation of this jerkbait is as following - 1) during the jerks, the jerkbait is gliding from left to right reaching the depth approximately about 40 cm. 2) during the pause, due to the chosen balance, the jerkbait is lifting his front to the surface of water and rising keeping approximately 45 degree angle to the surface mimicking a feeding pray...
  10. Jerkbait glider

    ...the cooper was used to create this lure. ...finally, the look of this jerkbait is enough attractive... at least, for the human eye ...this season will show how this color scheme is dealing with pikes
  11. Jerkbait glider

    ... the right pattern of jerkbait to lure a toothy predator
  12. Jerkbait glider

    ...another color of metal glitter for the pike attention
  13. Jerkbait glider

    ...metal glitters as well well known for pike targeting lures
  14. Jerkbait glider well, productive color scheme
  15. Jerkbait glider

    ...another color pattern, that was fully admitted by pikes