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  1. How long are these? Also who's mold is it? Beautiful colors!!
  2. That's where true fishing lies in my belief. Fishing from the shore is the best. I am pretty jealous you work at bass pro haha. Any nice bass so far this year? http://www.urbanfishing.webs.com
  3. How much crayon do you use per 1 cup of plastic? I never would of thought about using them. (Http://urbanfishing.webs.com)
  4. I have remelted a few of the large 12 inch powerworms and they smell like hell but do make a decent lure when remelted. http://www.urbanfishing.webs.com
  5. Success!!!! Took 25 min to get her to bite. Thats a size 15 shoe btw! http://urbanfishing.webs.com/
  6. I am thinking about buying another new one and making a quick POP mold and see how it turns out. http://urbanfishing.webs.com/
  7. Their baby bass color has always been my go to!!! Catches when nothing else will. http://urbanfishing.webs.com/
  8. Sorry, its the Storm live kickin shad in a bluegill color.
  9. I was fishing today with a little soft plastic jointed swimbait made by storm. I had never seen one before I picked one up at Dick's last week. I was bass fishing today but ended up catching only trout. Needless to say the trout tore up the bait and now i need more. I really like the action. Has anybody else made some of these. It's only about 2in long and is full plastic no metal hinges or anything. Anybody made one before? http://urbanfishing.webs.com/
  10. Yea I am working on a few golf courses to let me fish their ponds at least once a week. I really wanna try and do it in the upcoming month because the bass here are right about to start moving up on their beds. That would give me a chance to see how big the momma's in the ponds are.
  11. I am just kinda curious as to how many of the people on here Urban fish or do not own a boat. That is all the fishing I have done my entire life and have caught some great fish. In the past 2 years I have caught 10 bass over 8lbs fishing local public ponds here in MD people claim to be empty. I am now starting to create my own lures and have become obsessed with this site since I discovered it back in Jan. Just wanna say thank you to everybody on here!!!
  12. mjonez23


    awesome looking video!!
  13. Yea i have seen the one on lurecraft. Wasn't sure if anybody had any custom creations.
  14. My local ponds are filled with turtles. I was thinking the other day about possibly using a turtle lure for bass fishing. Has anyone created one or had my same thoughts?
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