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  1. I have a del mart 5", 5 cavity slim stick mold for sale. Also, have quite a bit of glitter/colorants, fine salt, and softener to sale with the mold. Too many extras to list. Emaill me at davefarley98@yahoo.com for complete list. Selling as one lot at this time. $130 TYD. Will throw in a few homemade chunk molds to sweeten the deal.
  2. I have a kmolds 4", 4 cavity tube mold that comes with tail splitter. Asking $100 shipped TYD. Paypal preferred. http://www.kmolds.com/index.cfm?carttoken=TXQ6588030313010049&action=ViewDetails&ItemID=27&Category=9
  3. davefarley98


    Sold. Please delete
  4. I use bears oils. A little of any oil goes a long way.
  5. Lews tournament mg speed spool left handed reel. Excellent condition. 5.4:1 gear ratio. Pics upon request. $90 TYD.
  6. Sold. Please delete.
  7. Yes they do have a few molds on hand I believe. If you call them and know what you want they will tell you if they have it or not. At least when I called they did.
  8. davefarley98

    Del's 4" tube mold

    Looking for a del's 4" tube mold 5 cavity
  9. I may be stating the obvious but have you tried adding salt? Should stiffen it up a bit.
  10. Tear one open. You should be able to see the salt in it.
  11. Well I tried to replicate the tube. I think I came pretty close. Not exact though. I got to thinking that maybe where the sticks are heavily salted that it would be extremely difficult to match the color exactly. Am I wrong or can it be achieved?
  12. FYI I will be using bears colorants. It seems to have green pumpkin (obviously) and fine black flake. Possibly a drop or two of black? Any help would be appreciated I know a lot on here are way more experienced at mixing colors than I am. Thanks. Oh, also I will be pouring sticks so I'm not sure how the color will be effected by the salt.
  13. Does anyone know how to make this tube color? It's cabin creeks dirty dark green pumpkin. http://efish911.com/ZBox.phtml?cpic=910037.jpg
  14. Does anyone have a formula for making an oil based craw scent similar to bears???
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