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  1. wakebaits

    very cool!
  2. Brassy Minnow

    A fresh paint job to loosely immitate a large brassy minnow.
  3. Modified sunfish

    looks like a winner to me
  4. Bass

    My first attempt on a pre-made plastic crankbait. I wanted to try some painting on a cheap lure before wrecking some of my own designs I've been spending too much time on. I hope to improve my skills and be able to post more in the future.
  5. Jointed pikes yet again

    Top notch work, as always. You are an inspiration!
  6. Black And Silver Foil

    that works for me too!
  7. lurepics22 024

    that is beautiful.
  8. Chart Shad

    Looks great, like something Bill Dance would use. Nice work.
  9. vixen

    I like the dopey eyes! Nice trout pattern.
  10. sunny boy

    I like it. It seems like the perfect lure for when you don't know what color to use. Looks like it would be just at home in clear water as in muddy.... I think maybe you are on to something here.
  11. Pearlescent Shads

    Those look like fish catching machines!