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  1. restoring old rods

    Washougal....thanks for the encouragement but i think i will give them to my grandson to play with. If he brake's them it's not going to be a big deal and it will mean a lot to me just to see him smile. Every time i give him something no matter what it is, it always seems to make him happy. I think i will buy him a Zebco 33 to put on it to bream fish with and he will be tickled to death. That would mean more to me than redoing the rods for myself. Thanks to all that took the time to post a reply.
  2. restoring old rods

    The rods i own are older rods, but they are not heavy and were great rods even though they were cheap rods. If i could find the same rods i would buy them again. The one i have that is a 6ft 6inch i boat flip a 7.3 lber in the boat years ago and that rod never skipped a beat. Yes it would cost more than the rods are worth to refinish them , so i guess the rods will go in a memory stack with some others i have collected over the years. Thanks to everyone for your input. Case closed.
  3. restoring old rods

    I don't want to redo the rods myself. I am looking of someone to do them for me. Any help finding someone would be welcomed. Thanks Brent
  4. restoring old rods

    The rods i am referring to are Bass Rods.....replace guides for sure. And depending on cost.... cosmedics. Would like to talk on phone about the service if possible.
  5. Would like to talk to someone that restores older rods. I have some older rods that i would like to start using them again if possible. Anyone with the experience in this field would be what i'm looking for. Not sure if it's even feasible to do this. Any help would be welcomed. Thanks for your time. Brent
  6. Tuning spinners and beetle spin?

    If you put a plastic trailer on your spinnerbait and it is to big in can make it run to one side also. And i also agree with Smalljaw.
  7. New metallic colors

    Where are the pictures that you posted, i can't seem to find them. I think the site is getting a little nitpicky about posting pictures. Happy New Year to you.
  8. What tha......... happened?

    I couldn't log in with the same info i normally use. I had to sign in with facebook. OH well
  9. Quick Clip Blades

    I think what you are looking for is in Hagen's catalog. Look on page 99. You can look at the catalog online. I hope this helps out.
  10. The Flying Lure That Backed Up

    I thought that was what you meant....So you put the nail in the plan end....I guess i'm going to try that.
  11. Favorite Ring Swimbait Mold?

    Is this the mold that your are refering too. ZSM3.7 bait mold $36.99
  12. The Flying Lure That Backed Up

    Can you explain what you mean about rigging backwards and putting the nail in it. Never do that before. Thanks for the help. Brent
  13. Is there anyway to make a soft plastic lure back up like the old flying lure bait that was made years ago? Thanks for your help Brent
  14. New Flat Line Rubber Tabs

    You can also use the talc powder on frogs. Put it on the frog and the skirt. I have some frogs that are old and still work good. OH don't for get that you can also put it on spinnerbaits. JMO
  15. Favorite Ring Swimbait Mold?

    Mark i think your dead on the money with your answer. But i don't think it affects tail action. I have tested the bait in the swimming pool and it still has a lot of action. Remember when they came out with the zipper worm..i think they were the first to make this style...but not sure about that. But one thing i can say about the zipper i have caught a bunch of fish on them and still use them today. Back a few years ago..... well maybe it was long than just a few but my son and i was going to fish a tourney together and i pre fished the day before. I don't know how many fish i shook off that day but it was a bunch. The next morning we started throwing buzz baits and had a limit in know time...but when the sun got up we started pitching the zipper worm and i caught a 6lb 15oz about half a hour later in a tree top that i shook a fish off the day before. Before the day was over we had culled everything but the big fish. We came in second in the tourney and had big fish...The team that won we got a chance to talk to them before we left can come to find out they were fishing a zipper worm too. I think it's a great bait and i like to fish baits with those rings on them....Sorry everyone for the rant.....Don't get me talking about fishing...cause i love it....LOL