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  1. Congratulations to everyone that won! Thanks to lure parts online for providing the gift certificates for us..Awesome company!
  2. Jaw BreaKer Custom Baits! 1/2oz.Bladed Jig! Features: Dual .040 Stainless steel wire connection, Powder coated and cured head/blade, 8 sided coffin blade, Gamakatsu 5/0 BMF Flippin Hook, Hand tied with kevlar thread, Wire trailer keeper, Jettson 3-D Eyes..”This Bait is 100% legal and doesn’t infringe on any patents due to its Dual/Double eye connection and 8 sided blade”
  3. Wow! I’m pleasantly surprised..What great news..I feel honored to have won..All of of entries looked fantastic..Congratulations to all the winners and guys who placed in all the categories..Thanks to the judges for their time and giving us the opportunity to submit our work..This was super fun and im looking forward to doing it again in 2019!! Also a big Thank You! to lureparts online for providing the prizes..They are an beyond awesome company!!
  4. I would like to add to the description that the bait is hand tied with Kevlar Thread..I have several videos of the bait showing the performance and functionality
  5. Nice looking Custom spinnerbait head..Do you still have the extra mold for sale?
  6. Nice looking Custom spinnerbait head
  7. 1/2oz. Chatterbait/Dual Underspin..Chatterbait blade features direct connection to the head with .040 stainless wire..Poured on a 5/0 VMC Spinnerbait Hook..Underspin Wire is .035 stainless wire..Multi colored powder coated and cured head..Features a wire trailer keeper,#4 serrated willow leaf blades and #3 premium swivels..Red 3-D eyes are epoxy sealed
  8. Thanks for the Great comments.
  9. I think that powder coating might work if you just powder coat the head of the set screw but if you get the powder coat in the threads its not going to work, So i suggest using a STAINLESS STEEL set screw and you will have no rust at all. I know that they are made because i use to be a Knitting Machine Technician ( Lonati's) and they had stainless steel set screws every where on them. Hope this helps. Ronnie
  10. Hey Rookie i just ordered some of the 20 min epoxy Finish -Cure. I got 4 1/2 ozs for $ 9.25 and free shipping from( A main Hobbies.com) now i just need a turner and i will be set up. Thanks Again.quote name='152nd Street Baits' timestamp='1299117540' post='162267'] This is the item number for the 20 minute........BSI210 Just google the name and you will see where to buy it. Hey Rookie, do you use this stuff as is, or do you thin it at with denatured alcohol?
  11. Thanks Rookie for all the information it has been really helpful..I have bought a bait from you to, A Mean Mcclain and i havent used it yet but im going to any day now. The water temps are coming up fast here on Smith Mt and they are going to start chewing any day now.I willlet ya know how i do on your crankbait. Ronnie
  12. Ok thanks Dave for the info i will look on here and find a design and try and make me one..So i need to try and find a motor that turns about 50 RPM's? Is there a perfect RPM speed that does the best and if so what is it? Thanks,Ronnie.
  13. Thanks john i really didnt think about this but i should have because i have always been really careful about what i get on my hands when im on my way to the boat ramp. I am very cautious with Gasoline and oil and everything cause i have heard that a bass can smell 1 part per million of gas. I will for sure be really careful about the clear i use cause it may look really good but it might not catch fish because of the odor from the clear. You say you use a waterbourne clear? What is the brand name and how does it work i have never heard of it? I have used baking soda water before to remove odors from my hands and a special soap for washing your hands in the lake. It was safe to use in the lake without contaminets. I cant remember what kind it was or where i got it from i would like to start using it again and maybe even wash the crankbaits with it to be sure and help with confidence in the bait. Would spraying the scents and oils such as"Bang" or "Real Craw" damage the clear coat? Thanks,Ronnie.
  14. Thanks matt for the information..I have heard about the lure turners and some one said to get a rotisseire motor but i would only be turning one at a time or two..can i turn only one or two and where do i get a turner besides making one from a rotisseire motor..I have thought about maybe rigging up a variable speed drill some how to turn 1 at a time. what you think? Thanks,Ronnie.
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