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  1. Jaw BreaKer Custom Baits, 1/2oz Bladed Jig, Features a Owner 4/0 Frog Hook, (stationary) attached to the head via .061 stainless steel wire, screw loc trailer keeper, hand tied skirt with 280 denier thread, head and blade powder coated and cured, 3D eyes set in epoxy!
  2. Jaw BreaKer Custom Baits, 1/2oz. Bladed Jig. Poured on a 5/0 Gamakatsu BMF Flippin Hook. Powder coated and cured head and matching Coffin Blade. Features a wire trailer keeper. Hand tied with 280 Denier Thread. Custom Live 3-D eyes, Epoxied in place.
  3. Congratulations to everyone that won! Thanks to lure parts online for providing the gift certificates for us..Awesome company!
  4. Jaw BreaKer Custom Baits! 1/2oz.Bladed Jig! Features: Dual .040 Stainless steel wire connection, Powder coated and cured head/blade, 8 sided coffin blade, Gamakatsu 5/0 BMF Flippin Hook, Hand tied with kevlar thread, Wire trailer keeper, Jettson 3-D Eyes..”This Bait is 100% legal and doesn’t infringe on any patents due to its Dual/Double eye connection and 8 sided blade”
  5. Wow! I’m pleasantly surprised..What great news..I feel honored to have won..All of of entries looked fantastic..Congratulations to all the winners and guys who placed in all the categories..Thanks to the judges for their time and giving us the opportunity to submit our work..This was super fun and im looking forward to doing it again in 2019!! Also a big Thank You! to lureparts online for providing the prizes..They are an beyond awesome company!!
  6. I would like to add to the description that the bait is hand tied with Kevlar Thread..I have several videos of the bait showing the performance and functionality
  7. Nice looking Custom spinnerbait head..Do you still have the extra mold for sale?
  8. Nice looking Custom spinnerbait head
  9. 1/2oz. Chatterbait/Dual Underspin..Chatterbait blade features direct connection to the head with .040 stainless wire..Poured on a 5/0 VMC Spinnerbait Hook..Underspin Wire is .035 stainless wire..Multi colored powder coated and cured head..Features a wire trailer keeper,#4 serrated willow leaf blades and #3 premium swivels..Red 3-D eyes are epoxy sealed
  10. Thanks for the Great comments.
  11. I think that powder coating might work if you just powder coat the head of the set screw but if you get the powder coat in the threads its not going to work, So i suggest using a STAINLESS STEEL set screw and you will have no rust at all. I know that they are made because i use to be a Knitting Machine Technician ( Lonati's) and they had stainless steel set screws every where on them. Hope this helps. Ronnie
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