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  1. No formula for me, i just put what looks right where it looks right. I've made a few so I definitely know what not to do. Don't mean I can tell you what will work for you. If I were you I'd add weight where you think it may be needed and throw it in the water and see how it swims. If something needs to change then I have something to go by.
  2. I've used "super glue" for a few things on lures before, but never sealed a lure with that name brand. I have used CA glue from a wood working shop which seems to me to be the same thing. It works well to seal the wood for my pin-eye joints in wood bodies. The one I use is labeled "Thin" so I get better penetration in the wood then I would have with the "Thick".
  3. When I make a new lure such as a catfish, bream, shad or what not I'm always browsing online for new pictures. Showing as much detail as I can about the fish I'm trying to recreate. This is great for getting colors or a pattern down, but I'm finding it difficult to get the shape of the fish itself to be as precise as I'd like. I was wondering if anyone knows a place you can buy molds, or models of different fish. I go into the sportsmans wearhouse and see plenty of stuffed fish on the walls, but of course none of those are on sale. I'm looking for something that would make a better reference for carving shape, not so much colors or patterns. I can catch fish I'm trying to recreate but I only take pictures, would be nice if I could get that little fish to pose for me for a few hours at my workshop but it doesn't quite work like that. Anyone know a good place to go I would appreciate it.
  4. I paint all my lexan fins same time that I paint the lure. I figured while I got all my paint out and airbrush hooked up that is the best time. I carve on my fins and clean the dust off before paint. I paint my bait on my lure turner and set a small space heater next to hit while it turns until it is dry. When clearing my baits I clear everything with etex, since that is what I have right now. I think if you want your paint to stay on the tail then slap some clear or epoxy on it too. A nice clear coat always brings out some nice colors in the paint.
  5. I'm wondering why you really want to make it lighter? To make it noticeably less in weight I think would require like vodkaman said change the body material to something more buoyant. But then I would think you may not get the same action. I personally would love to have a 10oz lure. I could cast it way out there. You may not even need hooks on it, just a net to pick up the fish after it knocks itself out on the strike.
  6. Use it all the time. It does spray smoother, but I still use regular createx among other brands quite a bit.
  7. Kinda has that catfish look with the flat head. If you were really going for that look you could throw in some stainless leader wire for wiskers. Pretty cool bait.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. Broad River is where I usually go around here. Rivers are way high right now after all the rain. I was out yesterday and saw some small bait fish jumping out the water so I sent a few casts that way. Caught a really small striper with one of my baits. If i could imagine it had some sort of emotion, I'd say it looked somewhat embarrassed watching it swim off. More rain to come so it will probably be next week before I get to do more fishing. You are right, sometimes there are days when striper seem to hit almost non stop. But there also quite a few of them running together. I heard there were musky but I sure have never caught one. The one fish we have all over is the chain pickerel. I call it the mini pike, is kinda what it is. They are small but they can bring a decent fight for there size. Most consider them a nuisance fish in ponds and lakes b/c they say they eat many of the other fish people try to catch. I personally go out trying to catch them, to me they are one of the sharpest looking fish around.
  9. Hello to all who read this. I was looking for input on my lure designs. I've been making my own lures for personal use for several years. I fish for the usual bass, panfish, or what ever is in my area. The past few years I've been more involved in stiper fishing. That is one of the larger game fish around the Columbia SC area. I've had decent luck, no records or anything to brag about but I still enjoy it. I've posted a small handful of my lures on this site. Last year my lures caught the attention of more serious fishermen in my area who strictly target the large stiper. Since then I've read and studied the fish more carefully. Fishermen have told me many of the baits and lures they've had hits on. Shad, trout, minnows, and an assortment of artificial baits. I've based my lure designs after what I've heard. I've read many posts on this site and have seen what others make and what they are made for. I love making the swim baits. Right now my main thing is the shad and trout. Those are the two lures I have that people ask me for. I put a lot of time into each one, all being made by hand. So i have to charge for them to cover the cost. Well to cut to the chase I love making them and there is a chance I may end up doing it for a living. I was looking for some advice on how well my current lures may hold up and attract other big game fish. So far I've never had a failure on stiper. Hopefully this summer I was going to do a bit of travel and hit some larger waters. I've never caught a musky but after reading so much about it I've got to give it a go. Last year I went on a fishing trip with a friend, I didn't know the waters but after a couple days I had a small pike hooked on one of my lures. Sadly I never got a picture because it got off right as I had it next to the boat. Since then I've been reading and asking questions. Trying to make better and stronger lures. My goal is to make a swim bait that is big musky ready. My lures now may be but I can't say because I've nenver caught one. Any advice or opinions are welcome. Do you think my lures are good to go for the big fish?
  10. Fishsticks

    Pike Swimbait

    It is lexan
  11. Fishsticks

    Shad Swim Bait

    Here is an 8" swim bait I just finished. This is one of the heavier lures I've made, so I can cast long and far. I also found a new place to put my 2/0 stingers
  12. Fishsticks

    Pike Swimbait

    Just took this lure off the turner and put it back together for the final time. Will be time to hit the waters soon.
  13. I use to play with a few lures after work, sometimes on the weekends. Lately I've been really enjoying making different swim baits. Since I got hooked on those I've been in the shop working on them almost every night. Here's a few of the new ones.
  14. Fishsticks

    Starr Lures

    A site that I made to keep friends up to date with my current lures. Starrlures.com is where I post many pictures from start to finish. Showing a variety of baits and how they work.
  15. In response to ,the Canadians post, my second design worked well. No pictures of it, it's in the hands of another fisherman now. It had a strong side to side motion and dove fairly deep. I had a solid lexan tail on it like my past few swim baits. I haven't made any more like it. That kind of bait did work but was more of an experiment. Seemed to be a lot more work then I'd like to put in a bait that small. There is no doubt that design would be stronger then using stainless eyes and a pin. The wood has almost no stress on it if you were to hook a fish, the stainless leader runs throught the entire lure. My larger baits I'm not so much concerned, the two stainless eyes are holding on to a minimum of 1.5" of hard wood each. That smaller bait would have had about .5" at the minimum of wood to hold onto. In a swim bait I would have been afraid that small section would crack after not too long.
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