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    Love'm Bob. Great looking baits!
  2. Nice Job! really like that color pattern.
  3. Thanks to Gene, I have been safely making exact duplicates in seconds this way for years now.
  4. littleriver

    Wake me to the Bone

    Yes sir, my friend. Good to see some familiar faces are still around as well. It has been a long spell but slowly working my way back to some hobbies. Family keeps me pretty busy for the most part but starting to find some time to play.
  5. littleriver

    Wake me to the Bone

    Carved this wake from paulownia, then sealed with superglue, brush painted with acrylics and finally ,covered with a tabletop epoxy.
  6. All good points here in this discusion. I would like to point out Dave's point about this bait being more sensitive to this change because of design is exactly right. The bait I made in the moment of inertia topic is way less sensitive to these types of changes. For example ,I experimented some with the bill length on that bait and found it's action did not change so much no matter the bib length. I concluded the bait design was much more stable than this one and therefore had a much larger margin for error too thanks in large part to a little bit of engineering. I'll do some video of the this lures action with just split ring but it will be a couple of weeks before I get a chance. Vic
  7. Mark Your giving me all kinds of ideas. One might take wide wobbler and quickly turn it into a tight one with a bit of split shot or glass beads.
  8. Hi Jeremy It is an interesting result and not what i expected either. But I have learned to keep an open mind. In the video, I am using a Eagle Claw size 5 barrel swivel. Big sucker! I bough these for Alabama rigs and just threw it on because it was available and thought it would make this process easier. Vic
  9. Hi Mark I took the lure out for another run tonight. Much better conditions and I had time to really test the lure. Two thumps up!! The action did change and I'd say it changed a lot. It went from a wandering top to a Texas two stepping fool. Really was doing a two step too. The bait would make a couple stutter steps to the right then a couple the left over and then do it over and over again. Almost like i have two baits in one here now. And I have to really rethink how i test the baits while in construction. I never fish with a swivel clip . I usually install a split ring on the line tie and tie strait to split ring. I think I will be testing like i fish from now on . I was using the swivel clip to save time but now looks more like a waste of time. Thank you !!! Vic
  10. Hi Mark I added a split ring and removed the swivel clip. I tried the lure briefly and I mean breafly with this configuration in bad conditions . I need to get the bait back to the water with better conditions and more time to do your suggestion justice. Maybe later tonight ill get a chance. Vic
  11. littleriver

    Tail Dancer

    LOL All true ..... was hoping to get the kids involved on this one but it did not work out. Maybe next time .
  12. littleriver

    Small Fry

    Hi bling.crosby Glad you like the bait! the paint usually gives my baits that feel but on this one the shape too. Thank you !
  13. Hi Jeremy I' m with you. If it ain't broke don't fix it. At least that is what the fish are telling me. I did go back and watch the original video and have to say I do like the wide swag of the original shorter bill version. I may have to make another with a shorter bill for cooler water. Thank you sharing your thoughts. Vic
  14. Hi Dave Great points ! Really appreciate the input from an engineering persecutive. I find it very helpful. Thank you! I wish I had a diagram to go along with your first point. That one is hard for me to see mentally for some reason but I believe I follow you well enough. Thanks Vic
  15. Hi Mark No, I haven't tried either of those things but willing to give it try. I'll take it out tomorrow for another swim with just a split ring and let you know. Thank you for the suggestions. HI Travis You may be right. I believe there are many things i could have done different to make the bait more user friendly but I was pretty happy with this action before I finished the bait. So, I decided to keep it as is. That was one of the things I hoped others might get from this exercise. The unfinished proto will display the same action as the finished lure if done properly. This unusual action stayed pretty much the same through the whole process and as far as I am concerned, this was a complete success. Vic
  16. littleriver

    Tail Dancer

    Try this one Ben. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=an_QBbiTISo
  17. littleriver

    Tail Dancer

    Let me see what I can do Ben .
  18. Action Video Update.. I was able to shoot in the creek this morning . The part of the stream I wanted to use was blocked off but not off limits. Before shooting I made a few casts and actually had a fish hit the lure. That is second time while testing this bait I have had strikes but no hookup. Not complaining but D it. The footage is not the greatest. Something is lost every time I transfer to youtube. Looks better on phone for sure. The baits action is like a spinning top under water with nose down tight action. There is some wandering just like a top on a table. The depth the lure will travel is not as deep as I thought originally. Two and a half to three feet is it for this lure. The bait is hard to retrieve but does not blow out at any rate. I was able to achieve this action by following Vodkaman's advice and lengthing the bib. I took the length to the point the point the bait cartwheeled over and then back to this action seen. The bib on the lure is a copy of the original but longer. Thanks to everyone for your help with this build. Enjoy! Vic
  19. Hello BearFan I would start at youtube watching as many how to build a fishing lure videos as I could stand. There are lots of ways to do this but only with time and experience will you find what suits you. After the videos, you'll have a better idea of what you want to do and how you want to do it. Tackleunderground has lots of great resources. The "How to " forum section is a great place to begin here. Lots of questions can be answered there. The forums and the community too is another great option once you know what you want and have more specific questions but remember what your asking has probably been asked many times before, so a quick search of the hard bait forum first is your best option. I wish the you the best. It is a great addictive hobby. Vic
  20. littleriver

    Tail Dancer

    Hi Ben Thanks! It nearly had one. Id say another hair and that baby was mine. Even though I didn't catch this one it was nice to see.
  21. Hi jonister It was your baits that inspired this one. Thank you for the positive feedback. Glad you like this style. I like it too but it always nice to hear others do too. What material are you making your bill from? And where are they breaking? I have never broken a lexan bill. Maybe I haven't tried hard enough. Plexiglass is another story.
  22. littleriver

    Tail Dancer

    Hi Braided Line Thank you for the kind words. I thought it was pretty hot but always nice to know I am not the only one. Feeling good about this one. Thanks Vic Hi Bill Thanks, Not sure how deep this lure is going to go . Hitting bottom in the pond but not that deep. Guessing six to ten. Action is similar to the old wart hogs. Plan to take to river and may have a better idea soon. Vic
  23. littleriver

    Tail Dancer

    Hand carved Paulownia covered in brush painted acrylics and topped with tabletop two part epoxy.
  24. Finished bait is here ! I'll post video once I find a suitable place to shoot it. Big firework show this weekend; so, my usual spot is off limits.
  25. Hi Mark It took me a couple viewings of the Lewin video I shared to get a sense of how the information he is sharing might be influencing the bait I just made. A great bait by the way. I say it is great because the action is effortless. Sorry the footage is so bad but some things will never be able to be experienced by anyone except the person holding the rod. I could feel every wobble and the the speed of the wobble changed instantly with line retrieval. The bait responded to my every command without effort. I believe this is due in large part because I have the ballast weight near the moment of inertia or axis of rotation. It is like the video you enjoyed where he holds the plank at the end and it requires a lot of enter to move the plank , Get the weight and axis in balance and the bait will move easier no matter the medium. Ben would call this getting all you can out of that particular design by having your ballast right. Two points I would like to make at this time. One, having your ballast not at the axis isn't always a bad thing . It may actually provide an action your looking for in that bait but what I think Lewin is telling us is it is going to take more energy to produce that action. That brings me to my second point, plastic cranks by nature are hollow and most their weight is on the outside and not near the moment of inertia. Some may make an effort to locate their ballast near this point but their is still going to be a more uneven distribution of mass than our wood baits because of the facts( hollow/most mass on outside) i stated earlier. Because of this, the plastic baits will require more energy to get wobble than well made wood clone that is properly weighted. I have made a few crank baits and have experienced both extremes of this principal in action . I made a shallow diving WEC 1 clone a few years ago with the same bill i have on this bait . But, I weighted the lure very differently . It was weighted in a more traditional manner at lowest point of belly . This WEC bait required a great deal of effort to get any action . It was like pulling Manns 30+ deep dive and yet I was just below the surface. This puzzled me until now. Hello Dave I really enjoyed the Lewin video. Thank you for sharing it. He is good at getting your attention and very creative at getting his point across. I learned things I never knew. Things like why the sky is blue or sunsets red but I still have a hard time visualizing a pendulum in my fishing lure. Though ,I thoroughly enjoyed seeing a seventy something swing from one. I was certain he was going to hurt something. I am guessing he was the inspiration for Miley Cirus's pendulum swing antics. Hi Bob you get me. The points made in your response is exactly what i hoped others would get from this thread. Thank you!!! Hi Jeremy yes indeed ........as long as there are questions to be answered we will be asking..... Vic
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