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    I have been a tournament fisherman for 28 yrs
    Imake alot of my own harnesses and jigs and am now in the process of trying to mosify lures they just dont make the colors i want I am a full time guide slpecializing in monster walleyes

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  1. tukta

    using enamel paint

    beautiful job will stick with water base.
  2. Hi I was wondering what's it like to use enamel paint and the clean up after. Is it worth it I think that there is more metallic just looking opinions
  3. tukta

    making Masks

    Thought I would put this out there I needed a rough outline on a crankbait I was painting what i ennded up doing was cutting the mask a little bigger then burned the mask which gave me an irregular edge after knocking loose burn material on mask. It was a real cool effect.
  4. I USE cs vinyl paint then use a small drill the back end dab it in the paint then the jig use the cap get a little buildup on the back side . I USE white for the big dot then the color i want for the inside works perfect
  5. Hi I couldn't bring up your tutorial on fiber optic eyes how I can see your tutorial 

  6. tukta


    I've been using cement sealers for the past yr for clear coat and now no one is posting about using them .I've had no problem in the past yr with them,any problems that people have run into???
  7. sorry took so long on my third surgery Just put i Arkie baits they have two sizes
  8. Arkie baits work incredible the other is Coots Wasp coots really have to be tuned but they work
  9. tukta

    Print Program

    I ha've'nt posted been sick but up and running now. I want to print some pics of different species to put on a lure and was wondering if there is a program that your using to reduce the prints down to glue on the lure I'm a little slow on figuring this out so your help will be appreciated
  10. tukta

    Glow Paint

    Thanks I will have to rethink this project
  11. tukta

    Glow Paint

    thanks ben. Jr that's exactly what I'm looking for I went to glow nation and it looks like u can't use an airbrush or can you ??
  12. tukta

    Glow Paint

    Ben I'm lucky I can even post lo
  13. tukta

    Glow Paint

    I would like to paint some lures with a glow paint but the ones I've tried that are water base suck so the Question is is there one anyone is using and can someone guide me to one that will work
  14. tukta

    Flicker Shad

    i'm looking for unpainted bodies of the 5&7 ive looked but can't find any was wondering if anyone may have a source
  15. Thanks everyone I tried the mask then I held it away and that was the answer nice soft edges .i was having trouble lining up where I wanted the dots so I took a toothpick dunked in the paint put a little dot and everything fell into place. Listen guys I appreciate all the info I've learned so much from you
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