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  1. I figured it had to be something to do with the hook not having a bend in it, the jigs I normally pour all have bends in them. This mould is custom made and new to me and I`ve never poured over a straight shank hook. One of the stores I supply custom lures and jigs to sells a tonne of the ripper jigs and asked me to start making them for him . I thought I`d give it a go. Thanks sooooooo much guys, I can always rely on the people on this website for advice.

  2. Im pouring a jig where the hook is straight, there is no bend on the top of the hook. I pour the lead in the mould and everything go's as planned BUT because the hook is perfectly striaght within the lead head, it spins. I shouldn't be able to spin the hook within the lead head, it should be solid. any help would be appreciated

  3. Did you guys see that last weekends everstart tournament was won on a megabass knock off? Dave ryan won on baits he paints and sells .Maybe these are better than you guys think.

    I have hundreds of both KO lures and originals and I prefer to use and catch more on the KO lures. I think it all depends on which KO's you use because just like any brand name lure, some are good and some are bad. If you can find a good KO lure, it can become a preferred lure just like a preferred brand.

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