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  1. cojode4


    Those are excellent! Where do you get this clay?
  2. cojode4


    Rusty Craw and Chartreuse and Watermelon.
  3. cojode4


    Bleeding Bait Series.
  4. Watermelon with Blue Flake. My most succesful creations!
  5. Looks Good! I like to add just a little blue flake into the black plastic to set off the laminate..
  6. cojode4

    3 Chamber Pouring Cup

    I have one aswell but I RTV'd two 1/8 inch teflon dividers allowing me to heat the cup in a microwave all together. The teflon is heat resistant,easy to cut and can be found in several thicknesses at any hardware store. It saves a whole lot of time and the plastic comes right off once cooled. Give it a shot! Nice job Nova!
  7. Thanks Nova! Can't let those bass get conditioned. It definately looks like a spawn bed intruder.
  8. That's hilarious! That's a one and done! E.T. it is! Darn it, that was so good I shoulda thought of it!
  9. cojode4

    6.75" Tube Worm

    Nice! Like the color!
  10. cojode4


    Thanks Jessie! It does float! The eyes and back stay just above water. Looks pretty creppy! Hoping the Bass like it! Gonna experiment with some more colors tomorrow.
  11. cojode4


    Thanks Nova! Sometimes it takes the thought of a kid to open up the eyes of an adult. Can't wait to try em. I think I have a future lurecrafter on my hands.
  12. cojode4

    First attempt at Tiger's Blood

    Nice color! I have been having great success with watermelon and red colors of late.
  13. cojode4


    My son came up with the idea to make lures from licorice. So I entertained this idea obviously to make him happy. It came out kind of cool! I give you Wacky Licorice, Licorice Mouse and Licorice Snail AKA "Gary" named after Sponge Bob's pet snail. Was fun making these out of a pop mold.
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