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  1. Harbor freight makes a small blaster that looks somewhat like an airbrush. I looked at it last week and considered buying one.
  2. what primer are you using, Kiltz, Kiltz 2, Krylon, fusion etc. Also are you washing in soap and water, boiling in soap and water, denatured alcohol, acetone etc. Do you let them set for a week or do you prime next day.
  3. I have poured some Alumilite RC-3 test lures, tried foam but didn't find it best for my purpose. I poured, did very minor flash removal around wire through, washed in soap and water, waited a day or so before painting and base coated with white createx. Paint did not stick well. I have read in the forums that you can spray createx directly to RC-3 Wash with soap and water. Run through dish washer. Soak in boiling soapy water Wipe with denatured alchol. sand wait 5 days before painting I am willing to do what it takes but these will be semi mass produced and need to be good. Clear c
  4. I did read some stuff on the net that was a chemistry experiment melting packaging pellets. One type would not melt, one type would not.
  5. Are you talking about the styrofoam like in a cheap cooler??
  6. Thanks again for the reply. In all that I have read it seemed so simple. I am trying to determine if the unlit lava lamp I have 3 of was correct and I had missed something.
  7. Seems far fetched but will have to check on the moisture thing. I think I may give up on the foam. I just poured a few test RC-3's from the same mold and hoping I don't have as many of the same problems. Do you prime RC-3 lures or can I just wash in soap & water then hit with white Createx?
  8. Thanks for the reply. I did indeed read that thread. New Acetone, 2 different cans from different stores and different sizes, quart & gallon, but same brand. Also purchased within 30 days.
  9. I have been trying to work with foam and have tried to read everything here about sealing the lures. A good cost efficient way seemed to be melting plastic in acetone and dipping the lures All posts on this subject seem to be 3 or 4 years old, so does anyone use this anymore. One post mentioned a new and better method. I also saw something on recycle codes but can't find it. I have 3 jars working. #1 acetone with a clear plastic knife broken up in it. It has been sitting for about 3 weeks on my desk. I shake it every day and it looks some what a lava lamp. I have a glob of soft pla
  10. I am going to make a number of RTV molds from lures I have personally made (all top water striper lures) and need help on the type of resin. They will be finished with etex after airbrushing and installing eyes. I hope to use a 1 piece mold with wire through construction but not sure if possible. I have read every thread that I can find on the subject and seem to be down to 3. Featherlite, Aluminite RC-3 with microbeads and 16 lb foam. I have heard pro's and con's on each. 16 lb foam seems to be the most cost effective. These are intended for resale. I need to draw from knowledge and
  11. Of the two molds I had one hook to fit well enough in the largest cavity on the tip up mold. I looked at modifying the mold but it looks as if I would have quite a bit of led come up under the eye of the 32831 and was not sure of how much effort it would take to remove. Have you done this? Has anyone done this? thanks
  12. I just received mustad 32831BLN hooks to use instead of the Gamakatsu 604. I have the Do-it Tip-up TUJ-6-SLA and the Shake-it SRH-6G-SLA. The 32831BLN hooks DO NOT FIT as shown on Barlow's website. The distance between the eye and the bend is too long. If anyone out there has a cheaper substitute, please let me know
  13. is the 32831 the same size wire? The Mustad 32831BLN states medium and the 604 states heavy. thanks
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