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    IMG 20131107 124033

    Nice looking lure. I love throwing top water prop baits for smallies !!
  2. Thanks redg8r. I'm not going to mess with it. I'd make matters worse. Soon as he gets a chance he is going to check it out. Until then I just use Internet Explorer.
  3. My son, who is my computer expert, has me using Google Chrome. I have never had any issues with it except for TU. It only loads the top part of the page. The rest is blank and I can't navigate any where else - forums etc. I tried many different things to remedy it with no luck. On a whim I tried internet explorer and TU loads just fine so that's how I have been accessing the site. My son says its a website issue and needs to be upgraded to accept Google Chrome. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas. Thanks, Willy
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