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  1. crankbaits

    Going To Try Balsawood

    I've been building my lures out of redwood and poplar for years. Now I want to try my hand at balsa. can someone post a link to a supplier. Please include the density you use.
  2. crankbaits

    Learning To See Artistic Tools In Every Day Life

    Don't worry Ben,my neighbors dog has dressed some jigs for me.No 12 step program needed
  3. crankbaits

    New Here!

    Great post Rowhunter,thanks Mohawkman for getting it.Unguarded tackleboxes and side ways lips. Great stuff.
  4. crankbaits

    How Do You Do It?

    The first one is the toughest to lose,It gets easier after that. Mark hit the nail right on the head with that statement.Build them,fish them,lose them and then build some more.
  5. crankbaits

    Helin Flat Fish Lure

    Go to ebay and search handmade crankbaits on page 2 there is a pack of 25 wood blanks for around 20 bucks
  6. crankbaits

    How Would You Go About Painting This

    Try pearl white overall,black back with pearl copper scale over the black.Then what Benton B said for the rest.
  7. crankbaits

    Making A Proper Jerk Bait

    Daves advice is right on the money.Take a rapala original floater and tie a clinch knot on the tow eye Then you can change the action by moving the knot up or down on the tow eye. It's been awhile since i've played around with one but it will really change the action of the lure.
  8. crankbaits

    Just Thinking...

    Nova, I;m glad to hear I'm not the only one to think of that.I've told many people that if I fished with a stick with hooks on it long enough i would catch a bass sooner or later. I've even caught bass while testing my un painted crankbaits. Life like paint/photo finish catch fishermen,confidence and skill catch fish.
  9. crankbaits

    olive green

    You can get a nice olive green scale effect by painting the bait black,then put your scale mesh on and then a light coat of yellow.Just go slow and light with the yellow until you get the color green you want.
  10. crankbaits

    Warning Points?

    Nice one mark.OH damn now i'm showing my age.
  11. crankbaits

    Carved Bills

    My first crankbaits all had wooden bills.I used redwood to build them. The two shallow divers in the picture are one solid piece of wood the deep divers are two. I used CS coatings vinyl lure and jig finish on them.The paint wore off the bills of the deep divers pretty fast but the shallow divers held up well. You should give it a try,with a epoxy top coat the shallow divers should last forever.The lure without a bill spent the summer on the bottom of the lake.
  12. crankbaits

    Rebel Crawfish Perforation And The Elusive Square Bill

    The netcraft circuit board bills are fine.I've used them for years without a problem. If you saw the rebel square bill craws on ebay they might have been mine. I cut off the factory bill and put a square circuit board bill on them. It's easy to do ,find some old lures and give it a try.
  13. crankbaits

    Central Fla Crank Colors

    I painted some lures for a guy in Florida a few years ago. One pattern was a golden shinner,pearl copper base,black back with a dark brown scale on the sides.The other pattern had a blue back with a black scale pattern on it.Sorry I can't remember the rest of the pattern It may have been yellow with a white belly. If the rest comes back to me i'll post it for you.
  14. crankbaits

    Screw Eyes

    Yes they are.I use them on my crankbaits and your hook or line will fail before they do.
  15. crankbaits

    Other Ways To Sell Lures

    I get alot of sales at the boat ramp. Just tell them you are testing some of your hand made lures.