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  1. First soft plastics

    Very good! I killed the Smallmouth on that bait this year.
  2. Keeping eyelets clear while curing

    I use shrink tubing that I buy at Menards on the eyes of the hooks. Shrink it leaving a small tab at the top, and then paint. When you take them off rotate them back in forth the direction of the hook eye and they normally pop right off. Otherwise get a fingernail under the edge and push it the direction of the eye wire. Don't pull them off sidewards or you occasional tear them and it's harder to get all the tubing off the hook eye. Take them off BEFORE you bake your jigs!!! After you get the hang of it it goes really fast and you have zero paint on the hook eye. I use 3/32 tubing for most bass hooks. 3/16 for the large hooks. At less than $2 a pack (even cheaper in bulk) it's pretty cheap per unit!
  3. Essential series 6’finesse crawler

    It's is one of my "standards" for both Drop Shot and Finesse worms. I have been shooting it in the new MF Super-Float Bounce and I REALLY like how it stands out on drop shot. I'm a big fan of the Eseential Molds and I have had no issues getting good baits with the mold . (I live in Minnesota and I have to pre-heat ANY mold in the winter when I get started. But once it is warm you are good to go) http://www.pouryourownworms.com/Super-FloatBOUNCE-Medium-FirmBOUNCE-4-Gallon.htm The float material makes great wacky worms because when they throw the worm, just keep an eye out for it to float to the surface and reuse it!
  4. Bobs or Do-It

    I've caught a lot of bass on the Do-it Mad Dad 3 xl. Bob's T.S. molds are great...but they are not available and it's unlikely to find one. I'm a big fan of the Do-it Essential series. Great baits at a great price. I also like all of the BassTackle molds I have.
  5. Do-It Football Jig Mold with Wire Keeper

    I don't have any issue putting on skirts, but taking them back off can be a bit of a trick.
  6. Powder coating jigging spoons

    TJ's Tackle sells a spray kit. That's what I use and it works great. https://www.tjstackle.com/
  7. Tube Bait Mold making

    Injection molds: http://store.do-itmolds.com/Tube-Molds_c_291.html In my opinion, the only way to go. (hand cutting tails and I never did get along!!).
  8. 7088D33D-D1B4-488F-9B42-82C2226E5B59.jpeg

    A+ !
  9. Arm Protection

    COTTON Long sleeves ...Polyester can melt. I found some welder sleeves that I use when I'm wearing shorts sleeves and when I'm pouring lead.
  10. 3D Printed molds

    I REALLY wish you hadn't posted this! This is too cool not to try! Oh well, it's only time and $$ ...and it's a long winter up here in Minnesota!
  11. Chatter bait questions

    https://www.barlowstackle.com/Shakee-Jig-Heads-Closed-Eye-P3153.aspx We recommend a size 3 or 4 regular or heavy duty split ring and a size 2 or 3 duo lock snap for the lure. I use the "standard size" , standard blade (no extra holes). I prefer the paddle tail swim baits for the trailer .
  12. Need help finding or making a lure

    I would agree that the Bass Tackle Treat Worm will be darn close ! I have a couple sizes of the Treat Worm and they are great. Very good molds. Press the easy button and get it! For example: http://www.basstackle.com/6_Treat_Worm_p/165-kj-4.htm
  13. Q: wire keeper VS molded

    I like the wire keepers. On molds that don't have them I cut off the lead bait holder up to the collar (which makes the bait a little lighter) and then wrap one of the wire keepers onto the shank with some heavy duty fly tying thread.
  14. Do It/Caney Creek 4" Carrot?

    I have the 4" carrot and it's a great bait on the Ned Rig and really effective for smallmouth on the drop shot. Super easy to shoot. It was one of our top Walleye baits this year in Canada on the Do-it Walleye jig. I also use it on Worm Nose (1/2 moon) in sand and weeds. http://store.do-itmolds.com/Walleye-JigbrSz-116-332-18-14-38-12-58brHk-570-or-575brCollar-Ring-amp-Barb_p_1053.html Unfortunately, the hammer handle Northern Pike also liked it and we got bit off a lot! The 4" works really well on floating jig heads...kind of Carolina rig style. Overall...it's one of my favorite baits.
  15. My suggestion is to wait for a rainy day and start reading ...especially the " Dont's for Newbies section! Also search this section for key words related to getting started, new, etc. There are dozens...and dozens ...of threads with all the info you seek. There are also some very good videos on YouTube.