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  1. I use a trailer 90%+ of the time (the only time I don't is if I'm fishing for smaller bass or smallmouth). It acts like a rudder to keep the bait running true and "noise" for the bait to help the bass zero in via it's lateral line (especially in off color water where I use chatterbaits the most). Like Skidder I often cut down the length of the trailer so the bait doesn't get to long and get short strikes.
  2. A digital thermometer (not an IR which only measures surface temperature) is a MUST ! You need to get your plastic up to 350F to completely change state the first time you use it. The reheats can be a lower temperature as long as it flows well into the far and/or small parts of your mold. You can use the probe on the thermometer to stir the plastic. Here is what I use (make sure any thermometer you buy can read to 350+ . Not all do.) You can set any of the food settings and the custom to 350F (see instructions in the ?section on the below site) https://www.charbroil.com/instant-read-digital-temp-gauge
  3. I use wireforms and precut lure tape when availabe. Otherwise I put some glitter in my D2L epoxy and overcoat after I cured the powder paint.
  4. Do you mean micro-balloons as in the white "powder" that can be used to make plastic float??? If so, be advised that micro-balloon are a significant lung irritant (hazard) and should be used with extreme caution. Personally, I would never use them. Some info: http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/topic/26222-safety-with-resins-and-micro-balloons/ ...microballoons are borosilicate glass and when inhaled chronically can cause silicosis (permanent scarring of the lungs). I work in the abrasives/grinding industry and have personally viewed ceramic dust under a SEM, and have seen many particles often as small as 1 micron by 4 microns. Hence, your dust mask and/or filter is not removing them. When you sand microballoon filled resin your dust mask is not enough.
  5. DaBehr

    Blade bats

    I normally use Devcon 2 Ton epoxy. If brushing it on damages your paint job (I use Cretex AutoBorne which adheres to metal a LOT better) you can dip them in Seal Coat Lure and Jig finish but you will need to dap off the drip spot. I made a bait hanger with bead chain (like you would use on a light bulb in the basement) and hang the baits from a modified paper clip from one of the top holes in the bait. FYI, I use the double hooks (instead of trebles) with no split ring. With the hooks facing backward I get a LOT fewer snags and I don't see a big change in % of hookups.
  6. Very creative with the Sardines picture!!! (nice baits also!!!).
  7. That would be a perfect Ned Rig/Midwest Finesse. I do well swimming a Ned Rig back to the boat after the fall, and the carrot would be really good. I use the 3" carrot a lot along with the new ned rig plastic bait (and they both seem to work equally well).
  8. I never use softner on my bass baits. I sometimes use it for panfish baits. Remember if you use softner, the baits will be easier to tear and probably wear out quicker. Not something I want on a creature bait...not such a big deal on a tiny panfish bait that I can make a bunch of really quick. I'm pretty sure the responses you get will be 50/50 !
  9. I bubble wrap them and fit them into the correct size "if it fits it ships" Post Office box.
  10. That's the one I use. It makes a good bait. I like the pocket for the hook in the bottom and the slot on the top to help protect the hook tip from weeds. I've had the 4" Wittle Wutz it for years and I've got a lot of smallmouth bass (and largemouth) on that jerk bait. Basstackle.com has a good selection of jerk baits.
  11. DaBehr

    Clear Coat

    I live in Minnesota and bonce a LOT of jigs off the rocks (and crankbaits) and I use the Component Systems Seal coat. Plenty tough, easy to use, water based for easy clean up. "Dip and Drip" with the eye up (cleans off the hook shank with a fingernail or use a craft paintbrush from Walmart. You can clean them in water and reuse D2T works well, but you can only do a limited number of jigs before it gets to thick. KISS principle!
  12. The KVD short shank. Not cheap...but the darn things are sharp and you can up size one hook size on most baits due to the short shank.
  13. I use CS Coatings Lure and Jig Coating. Easy to use, Durable. Some really like the UV coat. I use it on Walleye baits. You can "dip and drip" or carefully brush it on, it doesn't take much. http://www.csipaint.com/products/uv-fishing-lure-paint/uv-blast-clear-seal-coat.php Is KBS "better"...yes...but I find it a royal PITA. I prefer the KISS principle!
  14. Here's a video on how to make one that connects directly to the blade. There are some other videos using a split ring. (Just search YouTube). I do it both ways..
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