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  1. DaBehr

    Looking for bass pro speed shad type mold.

    Have you seen the new 3" version? It is a LOT smaller, especially when you see it in person. https://store.do-itmolds.com/ripper Do-it will send you samples for a small fee. https://store.do-itmolds.com/Sample-Bag-You-Choose_p_332.html I am an avid smallmouth fisherman and I think the 3" version is going to be perfect for smallmouth. Unfortunately, the weather here in Minnesota has not cooperated yet this year and I have not had a chance to fish it on the Mississippi.
  2. Feather-Craft has a Kelly Green color http://www.feather-craft.com/danville-chenille-size-medium
  3. Hard to tell since they are in the package, but a lot of those type of jigs are tied using chenille which gives the body a nice segmented look. http://www.feather-craft.com/danville-chenille-size-medium I tie a lot of crappie and bluegill flys with medium and small chenille. Check out the "Bully Bug" ...the worlds best bluegill (crappie, perch, etc!) fly!!! It's a chenille body. http://www.flyfishohio.com/Bullys_Spider.htm If you don't fly fish you can tie it on a small round head jig and it's killer!!!! Andy
  4. DaBehr

    Tube Dipping - Video

    Excellent videos! I especially like the cutter video. Never dawned on me to put the cutter on the base of the press!!!! Pretty obvious...except to me! Cutting the tails has always been the big obstacle for me.
  5. DaBehr

    Senko Formula Tips

    Google: glass bead material for Senkos for lots of links. It's important to get the correct media.
  6. DaBehr

    Please help

    I do it often on creature baits for flipping and creature baits that I use like frogs. I use either a Knit Picker https://www.walmart.com/ip/Dritz-Clothing-Care-Knit-Picker/52203443 Or a large eye needle. If you wan't to go crazy : http://www.jsflyfishing.com/hareline-zuddys-leg-puller Here are some instructions to do what you want to do for a foam body bass bug: http://www.wapsifly.net/foam-poppers-2/ Normally the plastic bait will keep enough pressure on the skirt material to keep it centered. Sometimes it helps to tie a knot in the middle of the strands. If you still feel that they may be too loose (unlikely) you can put a drop of crazy glue in the hole after you have your material centered. Andy
  7. DaBehr

    Airbrushing Jigs?

    Put down a base of white Createx Autoair base coat, then use Createx Wicked. Both are acrylic and designed for non-porous surfaces. Regular Createx paints are designed for t-shirt painting and don't work nearly as well but they bind fairly well to the base coat. I use Seal Coat on all my lead baits and custom painted cranks. Just dip and drip! http://www.lurepartsonline.com/Online-Store/Liquid-Topcoats/Seal-Coat.html None of the above require big time venting.
  8. DaBehr

    Brush hog mold

    Read up on BTS before you order. They don't appear to be filling orders...or returning emails. Do-it has some nice ones. http://store.do-itmolds.com/Boss-Hog--525_p_161.htm The Essential Series mold is a great bargain http://www.lurepartsonline.com/Online-Store/Do-it-Softbaits-Essential-Series/Essential-Series-Molds.html The BassTackle versions also shoot well.
  9. DaBehr

    BTS Molds

    They do not return emails. So......
  10. DaBehr

    How do you paint this pattern

    Google: Metallic Random Mesh Rolls Metallic Silver One of the links: http://www.bbcrafts.com/tulle-fabric/metallic-random-mesh-rolls/
  11. DaBehr

    How do you paint this pattern

    Good luck finding the stuff! After a LOT of searching I found it at Hobby Lobby. Is was a roll of "Tulle" . Here is how it's done
  12. DaBehr

    Powder painting pearl

    Paint it first with a bright white and then in the pearl.
  13. DaBehr

    Ultra minnow spinnerbait mold

    Actually, I got better result when I went with a lighter wire so I could make good eye bends. Or...with heavier wire I would do a partial bend until the wire touches the main wire ( like many of us do to put the swivel on for the blade for a spinner bait . I took one I made out to the garage and put some flipping braid on the clip and I could not get the bend to fail (although I ruined some clips!) The blade attaches at the bottom of the bend (then finish the bend) and rides at the top of the bend so I don't think the end of the bend ever gets enough force to bend or let the blade slip out.
  14. DaBehr

    Ultra minnow spinnerbait mold

    As mentioned, I ladle pour this mold making sure I keep the mold, ladle and soft lead hot for good flow. By the way, this mold makes a great chatter bait using the wire coming off the head to attach to the blade.
  15. DaBehr

    Canada spinnerbait help

    I live in Minnesota and go on a Canada trip every year and catch a lot of Northern Pike with a 46" as my personal best and I catch them all on "standard" bass baits. The 46" came on a 3/8 oz swim jig. My 2nd best came on a tiny crappie jig with a Do-it Nano plastic! She was 42". My point is that Northern Pike eat anything ...and everything! Big spinnerbaits do catch big Pike, but if they are larger than the forage they are feeding on they sometimes will ignore them. I seldom use trailer hooks because Pike often really eat the bait and one hook is hard enough to get out! The other thing is that Pike often bite down on a bait really hard and you never really get the hook set. So set the hook hard a few times! If you keep losing them beside the boat it is because they were not hooked and the open their mouths and let go of the bait. Make a few big ones, but a 1/2 oz with a 5/0 hook is plenty big. I like the Do-it Ultra Minnow Spinner Bait the best. The other reason why bigger is not always better is that they love the weeds and a big heavy bait is hard to fish in the weeds. Remember that big pike, 36" or better, are 10 year old fish. Treat them like the treasure they are!