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  1. How do you paint this pattern

    Google: Metallic Random Mesh Rolls Metallic Silver One of the links: http://www.bbcrafts.com/tulle-fabric/metallic-random-mesh-rolls/
  2. How do you paint this pattern

    Good luck finding the stuff! After a LOT of searching I found it at Hobby Lobby. Is was a roll of "Tulle" . Here is how it's done
  3. Powder painting pearl

    Paint it first with a bright white and then in the pearl.
  4. Ultra minnow spinnerbait mold

    Actually, I got better result when I went with a lighter wire so I could make good eye bends. Or...with heavier wire I would do a partial bend until the wire touches the main wire ( like many of us do to put the swivel on for the blade for a spinner bait . I took one I made out to the garage and put some flipping braid on the clip and I could not get the bend to fail (although I ruined some clips!) The blade attaches at the bottom of the bend (then finish the bend) and rides at the top of the bend so I don't think the end of the bend ever gets enough force to bend or let the blade slip out.
  5. Ultra minnow spinnerbait mold

    As mentioned, I ladle pour this mold making sure I keep the mold, ladle and soft lead hot for good flow. By the way, this mold makes a great chatter bait using the wire coming off the head to attach to the blade.
  6. Canada spinnerbait help

    I live in Minnesota and go on a Canada trip every year and catch a lot of Northern Pike with a 46" as my personal best and I catch them all on "standard" bass baits. The 46" came on a 3/8 oz swim jig. My 2nd best came on a tiny crappie jig with a Do-it Nano plastic! She was 42". My point is that Northern Pike eat anything ...and everything! Big spinnerbaits do catch big Pike, but if they are larger than the forage they are feeding on they sometimes will ignore them. I seldom use trailer hooks because Pike often really eat the bait and one hook is hard enough to get out! The other thing is that Pike often bite down on a bait really hard and you never really get the hook set. So set the hook hard a few times! If you keep losing them beside the boat it is because they were not hooked and the open their mouths and let go of the bait. Make a few big ones, but a 1/2 oz with a 5/0 hook is plenty big. I like the Do-it Ultra Minnow Spinner Bait the best. The other reason why bigger is not always better is that they love the weeds and a big heavy bait is hard to fish in the weeds. Remember that big pike, 36" or better, are 10 year old fish. Treat them like the treasure they are!
  7. The Bob's Tackle Shack 702 has the best "flap" ...but your chances of finding a mold are probably zero at this moment in time. I have the mold and it is a fantastic trailer bait (the best), but the flap is kind of unrealistic if you are using it by itself in clear water. I would not sell you that mold for $1000 ! I fish the Mad Dad 3xl a LOT and is my favorite craw mold. It has "good flap" and a very realistic look. I use it in clear to moderately colored water. You can hand pour the belly and then inject the top and it really looks good!!! It is one of the few molds I have multiples of! I also have the Do-it icraw which is super realistic and in clear water is absolute bass candy! You can go crazy pouring this thing to look super realistic if you have the time! The claws have no "flap" just "flutter" which is the most realistic but little sound value. KILLER up in Canada for smallmouth and walleyes!!! I live in Minnesota and crawfish are a super important bass bait for both largemouth and smallmouth and I am very picky one which one I use and why.
  8. basstackle 1014 drop shot

    PM me your address and I will send you a few. Andy
  9. basstackle 1014 drop shot

    I have this mold at it is very close to the D.S. Shoots great. The tail mold is worth it if you shoot a lot of baits with a different color tail. I shoot it with the new MF Super Float plastic and I also use it on the Do-it Midwest Finesse (Ned Rig) jig mold.
  10. Color for plastic

    When you buy a plastic color...you get that color ...but some are "stonger" than others. For example, X2 needs half the number of drops than the standard . Write down the # of drops per x oz. of plastic so you can repeat the results. I use a program called Evernote to keep all my notes and pics. And June Bug is another favorite color! Watermelon Black Clear with rainbow glitter. Yellow Chartreuse Andy
  11. Color for plastic

    My favorite "color". " Mo Milk" White is a favorite crappie color...but a pain to make. I also add some small silver glitter. And yes, this color is using only violet highlight! MO MILK 1/4 to1/2 teaspoon violet high lite per 1/2 cup http://store.do-itmolds.com/HYPER-HI-LITES_p_314.html
  12. Basstackle 156 worm

    I sent an email to Bob's a few weeks ago asking them if the are taking orders and lead time ...no response.
  13. Ultra Molds Hand Injector?

    It is not as fast as a dual injector...but a heck of a lot cheaper! Here is what I use to make my own laminate plates. www.hobbylobby.com/Crafts-Hobbies/Wood-Crafting/Hardware-Tools/36-Gauge-Aluminum-Roll/p/21909
  14. Ultra Molds Hand Injector?

    It is fine to start with. When you are ready for the dual injector give Basstackle strong consideration because it has locking nozzles. I hand pour the belly on a lot more baits than I dual inject. Or I go the laminate plate route (either a purchased one or make one out of thin aluminium flashing). But I'm pouring only for myself vs selling.

    I have found it best to start at the top of the bait and work down. Edge to edge often results in wrinkles for me.