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  1. We are waiting with excitement. One never knows what new idea might change the way we do things.
  2. Oh yes, many times. I prefer to use a little stiffer silicone mold when I do that, something like the Alumilite Quick Set or the Trans 40. They keep a little more dimensional stability so it is easier. Now, as for an "aluminum mold", there is another option that is just about as good and down right cheep compared to having one machined. You can make one from Alumilite Vac-Master 50. It is as close to an Aluminum mold as you can get, in fact it contains a high amount of aluminum in it, and can be machined. If I was going to pour with the lip in place, and I was not going to pour dozens or hundreds, I would use the Trnas 40 because you can see the lip in place as you pour the resin. But, if I was going to pour lots and lots and had the mold designed with no undercuts, a good clean fit, then the Vac-Master 50 would be my go to material.
  3. I have not purchased from them, but several on this site have and they seem to like the quality. PM mark Poulson and TerryF2858. I believe that these guys have ordered stuff from them.
  4. Mine was about $150 but it is only 3 gallon pot size and 5 cfm, rotary vane, dual stage. Figure that you need the volume to allow the material to expand 3 to 5 times the original volume. A dual stage pump will draw a more complete vacuum, and while smaller pot sizes require smaller cfm pumps, I totally agree with at least 6 cfm for a 5 gallon pot. I got mine off Amazon but it is a bestvaluevacs product. I also found some awesome deals on EBay. Well, at least that is what I learned after contacting Silicone and resin manufactures.
  5. LOL, looks like my new vacuum pot. It does help to make more durable silicone molds, clearer bubble free plastisol, etc. I am still not sold on it being required, or even economical, but the results are awesome.
  6. Glad to hear it. I would sure hate the lure to be like the Bass Pro Shops KO with the chopper front and back, "double down plopper". The blades break and the reviews on the lure are terrible 1 out of 5. A bad bait like that could kill a reputation pretty quick.
  7. How about some "Heat" beat up baits? This was posted by a guy that left a Pontoon Boat, with lures in the storage box, under a tarp, in storage for two weeks at Lake Powel in Northern AZ and Southern UT. It gets hot down there and these commercial lures did not fair so well. He figured he lost about $200 worth of lures.
  8. True enough, lots and lots of variables.
  9. BJ, the 50 pounds was a wild guess on the weight of a 5 gallon bucket. I know you sell the stuff, so about what does a 5 gallon bucket weigh. Thanks for clearing up the 12 grams on a tube. I was going to check my tubes out but had not had the time.
  10. How may pounds in a 5 gallon bucket? How many pounds in a bait. For example (numbers made up of course) 50 pounds in a bucket divided by .1 pound per bait would be 500 baits. Now, I would expect that you would get 90% of that theoretical number due to waste and bad pours and mistakes, but you could do better. You could do the same thing using volume it is easier to determine the volume of the tubes. Good luck.
  11. Is the chopper/plopper blade rigid plastic or flexible?
  12. So where did you find WP KO's.
  13. Ya, that one SDS is all over the place, non-toxic but don't ......... Lots of good points made above, especially about the scent, which I did not consider because I never add it in the cooking process.
  14. Yep, my problem exactly.
  15. It I my understanding that the sink rate of the Sinking Plastic is not as great as the Senkos. The company M-F advertises it takes less salt, etc. to achieve sink rates. Still, I have not done a specific test on it myself. We cannot answer the weights of the stickbaits without knowing the volume. If you can tell us what mold you are using, then perhaps someone on the site has that information. We have discussed glass beads on the site before. If I may ask, what is your issue with them? I have not yet tried them so your experience will help me as well. Good luck.