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  1. Boss powder paints

    Jason, Actually, it doesn't matter at all how the jig gets to temperature, only that it gets hot enough. Sometimes, if the jig is not clean, the scale will prevent proper adhesion. In the end, I do pretty much as Mark does and the Protec I also use works great. I have a couple of other brands, but they are not sold now.
  2. tuning balsa crank bait

    I use brass for a lot of my work, and any brass will be OK. But, for soft tempered stainless, let me offer the following excellent suggestion. Following this link and then looking or searching for the annealed wire should do it for you. PS, glad to have you on the site. We look forward to hearing from you.
  3. Who's making a good injector now?

    Any idea if you will sell these, and if so,how much?
  4. spinnerbait blades

    Wow, that looks like the blades were stacked together and then ran over or compressed in some manner. That looks a lot like what I call "oil canning". Because the blades are normally stacked once made, and extremely strong at that point, that leads me to believe it was at the factory, and a one time incident. Weird, very weird.
  5. NAZDAR Pigments

    The real question is about at least for me.
  6. Crankbait Help

    Pretty sure ballast will do it, but next we can work on the lip/line tie. Almost positive the ballast will fix that. Ballast between the first and 2nd hook on that design, slightly more toward the first hook.
  7. Tackle Show Opinions

    I'm poor anyway. ROFLOL
  8. NAZDAR Pigments

    I am going to bump you back to the top. I want to know as well.
  9. Avid bass tackle

    What is going on with our suppliers?????? Bear down with serious medical problems and now Forrest.
  10. Crankbait Help

    I agree with Hughesy, one thing at a time and start with the ballast. You cannot directly upload a video to this site. You need to save it in something like Google Drive or microsoft cloud, then set the video link setting on THAT video to share. You can then get a link to post and we can all see it. This is what I have started to do on other sites. The tried and true method is to post it on YouTube, but that creates other issues I don't like to deal with. Posting pics of the lip and line time might also help, but do the ballast first.
  11. Tackle Show Opinions

    I agree with this completely, but I have sold and do on occasion. My son and his brother-in-law want me to do more of this. His brother-in-law works at a store that wants all they can get, but........ at a price I cannot do and a quantity I cannot handle as a hobbyist. Web Sites of the past may not have worked, but, like you said, social media, combined with a current web site just might. I see a lot of fisherman activity on Facebook, and advertising targeting them would not be too expensive. Additionally, word of mouth for the Facebook generation IS FACEBOOK. I remember the first business Email account I set up. The owner almost fired me for it because "Email" would never ever take off. Almost all business is now done via Email. I was just ahead of my time. Perhaps the web sites that failed were ahead of their time. At my age now, I find that I am no longer "ahead of my time", but "out of time". Ugggg LOL
  12. Tackle Show Opinions

    To be honest, I have wondered about a group of niche builders getting together and starting a web site to sell their baits. The cost of the web site is minimal, and if responses and reviews were not allowed a moderator would not be needed, so ........ Just brain storming. Just thinking with my fingers.
  13. Coolest Weekend this year

    That is one lure I wish you had taken a picture of and posted on this site. Better yet, with the kid and you and the lure. Some rules are meant to be broken, and this is one of those times. This is a 5 Star act.
  14. Who's making a good injector now?

    I don't think they call yours a "hand inject mold". LOL Looks like you must have a shooting star or something like it????
  15. Who's making a good injector now?

    Ya, not just the cavity, but the sprue or runner volume to the cavity(s). Many of us have though that the 4 oz is plenty, and it may be, because our bait is 1/8 oz. But, if you have 6 baits in the mold, that is 1.5 oz and if the runner takes 4 oz you don't have enough. Better too big then too small.