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  1. Cnc plastic mold air relief

    Dont know but your gates look way to small. Looks good tho
  2. Baits are dull after packaging need help

    Will real garlic go rancid??
  3. spin cast molds

    I see no advantage of this over a large or multiple injection molds. Takes forever for him to assemble/disassemble and No salt or it will all go to the tips. No sure if flake will too.
  4. Trying to find a blank

    Dinger D7 may work for you. Predator Live Target Shad is a lil bigger but great lure.
  5. Glitter and Epoxy

    I use .008 glitter. I mix a tiny bit into the Bob Smith 30 min and brush on one coat. Perfectly smooth and no pin holes when dry.
  6. any superchrome user here?

    Prob cheapest to buy foil and a press.
  7. The lies about salt for the newbie

    Yes it was Larew and not Kaylin. ty
  8. The lies about salt for the newbie

    AMEN! Preach it Brotha! I think the salt craze started in the 70's. Was it Kalin that was first to add salt for taste to soft plastics? Some pros probably had success and the craze started I also dont think it makes fish hold on longer, but it seems to be a good selling point for those that believe the myth. It also is a cheap filler and makes the baits weaker, so users come back for more. As far as GYBC Senkos, the heavy salt is required for ballast to make them sink when fished weightless. It is cheaper and REALLY makes the baits weak. As we have found, Glass beads are a great substitute to add weight to a stick. Glass beads would be way to harsh and destroy production machines. Once again more durable is not a good thing for manufacturers who want you to come back for more. I know guys that go through 2-3 packs of Senkos per outing. My sticks with Glass beads are identical to a Yammy but I use and o-ring and rigged wacky regularly catch 20+ bass per bait.
  9. Thinning epoxy

    I add 2 drops of 100% acetone to 25g Bob Smith 30 min. Key is to make sure epoxy is 75+ degrees in this cooler weather or it will be too thick.
  10. Core shot small crappie bait

    To do reliable core shots you need a single cavity top inject mold. Crappie baits too small and wont shrink enough. This is my experience.
  11. Plastisol Recipe

    Looks like OP may be in South Africa and cant get it there.
  12. Do it hyper hi light

    Hilites add an outer "skin" color to the baits. Here is grape with green hilite
  13. Airbrush, Compressor, and Blank Questions

    I got this well over a year ago and am very happy with it. I doubt HL will give 40% off those larege dollar items.
  14. First question. Home made bait or Plastic blank from a vendor? I never clear the bills. Just chips off anyway.
  15. Please help

    Ty. It's a 702 craw with BJ medium. They make some real big needles LOL. I yhink I used six strands. Silicone skirts should not gum up. I call these "Bed Bugz" for bed fishing.