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  1. Some seem to struggle with the art of applying Epoxy clear. So I made a quick video of how I do it So sorry for the poor quality. Hope it helps.
  2. Yup. That's it. Or here is the 2". Great deal for a ten cavity that shoots perfect and performs well. http://stores.jacobsbaits.com/paddle-tail-2-bait-mold-10-cavity/
  3. I had the Jacobs 1.75 at one time and was excellent
  4. Devcon and BSI 30 both cure perfect every time when mixed by equal weights. I highly recommend doing it this way. I add about 6-8 drops of 100% pure Acetone to a total 20g mix. Enough for a 1.5 sb. Mix well. At least a minute Only do one bait at a time. Work fast
  5. Here is the Spaz green to purple over a standard black base. The Flair stuff was a disappointment. It kind of added a very fine holographic sparkle.over dark colors. Better off adding flake to the clear.
  6. Yup, know your brush intimately and tear it down after every few spray sessions.
  7. MonteSS


    Ya I would guess an amber and darken to match
  8. The formula Wally posted is correct. It is for medium plastic. If using soft plastic you may not need the softener. Depends how soft you like them. Just remember, the softer it is, the weaker it is.
  9. Goldens Titanium White high flow is best by far. Sprays great out of the bottle, covers great, and cleans up easy.
  10. Since you use a turner, thin the epoxy with acetone. Like 6-8 drops for a 1.5 crank
  11. I bought the Lurecraft years ago and didnt like it. IIRC I used it and added other color(s) to tweak it. Sorry but I forgot what was wrong with it and what i added to make it better.
  12. MonteSS

    Chrome Baits

    Molotow is the best. Still dulls a bit with clear tho.
  13. I dont thin Createx Irid paints.
  14. People were askin how i did the orange on this NED. The Orange is a remelt but I think its Sweet Potato. Handpour the Orange into half the mold, and then inject the second color. Same thing here. And here I handpoured the back color in the body only. russian photo
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