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  1. Drill bit for the hook eye and hacksaw blade where hook comes out the top.
  2. MonteSS

    Matzuo hooks

    Those Matzuo hooks were made by South bend. Worst hooks I have ever used. Especially the Sickle which break so easily at the weird bend.
  3. MonteSS

    Bone color

    I think this is a pretty classic bone. River2Sea is much more yellow
  4. If for friends I wouldn't worry bout it. How many cavity is your mold?
  5. I buy the Chinese ones for very cheap and change the hardware.
  6. I use Bob Smith 30 min epoxy and never see bubbles. I have heard running a propane torch over bait will pop them. To me KBS is not durable at all. I never tried UV but that might be the way to go.
  7. Lurecraft Electric blue.
  8. Get the Lureworks/Spikeit eyes. They are made from plastisol so Mend-it adheres them permanently with no need for clear dip.
  9. The old Bears Chameleon was More of a pumpkin and violet.
  10. I think those are low cavity count per mold. Would take forever to make a bag so no real profit.
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