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  1. MonteSS

    Which way?

    If I rig grubs, tail goes down.
  2. MonteSS

    keitech pro blue

    If you ask for recipes, please post a photo or link so we dont have to go searching.
  3. MonteSS

    Looking for

    How many ya need? I have some originals $2 each
  4. MonteSS

    Holographic/Color Shift

    Holo tape and then a scale decal over it. (this is decal over iridescent paint.
  5. MonteSS

    Selling soft baits to friends

    Sell them a paper clip and give them a free pack of lures with every clip
  6. MonteSS

    Boom Shad

    I have used similar swims to this and the work OK but nothing special. That joint does not seem to impart ant extra action. I would go with a more conventional Keitech style that are proven fish catchers.
  7. MonteSS

    One Up Shad

    Never heard of it. Looked it up and it's a Japanese bait. Just make it. Doesn't look like anything special to me.
  8. MonteSS

    MF Blue Crawfish

    Woops. You said Morning dawn. That is a three color laminate. color descriptions.pdf I used LC hot pink and LC electric blue for my version. Real one
  9. MonteSS

    MF Blue Crawfish

    I have a tiny bottle you can have. Ugly color.
  10. MonteSS

    keitech chartreuse flake

    I have Lurecraft and it is reflective and looks pretty much like gold.
  11. MonteSS

    Crankbait Fins

    Fin wheel stencil is great but too small for you. I make my own decals.
  12. MonteSS

    how to paint topwater lure blank?/
  13. MonteSS

    Color Help

    I buy small plastic bottles with the Yorker cap and mix up a couple ounces of bone. Same general idea as Mark and bob. Sometimes I will add a lil pearl to it or over it (second pic).
  14. MonteSS

    What Colorant is used to make the Yamamoto Blue

    I only have Lurecraft electric blue. Its a good color to start most blues. Remember the black next to it will darken it some. Salt may make the match closer or a lil bit of white. First is real Yammy. Second is LC Electric blue no additives. Third is LC EB with tiny bit of white pearl powder
  15. MonteSS

    Glitter and Epoxy

    Be careful if a thinning additive (in my case acetone) is used in the epoxy as it can take the color off the glitter.