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  1. Goldens Titanium White high flow is best by far. Sprays great out of the bottle, covers great, and cleans up easy.
  2. Since you use a turner, thin the epoxy with acetone. Like 6-8 drops for a 1.5 crank
  3. I bought the Lurecraft years ago and didnt like it. IIRC I used it and added other color(s) to tweak it. Sorry but I forgot what was wrong with it and what i added to make it better.
  4. MonteSS

    Chrome Baits

    Molotow is the best. Still dulls a bit with clear tho.
  5. I dont thin Createx Irid paints.
  6. People were askin how i did the orange on this NED. The Orange is a remelt but I think its Sweet Potato. Handpour the Orange into half the mold, and then inject the second color. Same thing here. And here I handpoured the back color in the body only. russian photo
  7. Handpour the orange so it pools into half the head. Then inject other color. Nice Lil bluegill imitation.
  8. I like this one. https://store.do-itmolds.com/Carrot--35-10-Cavities_p_171.html
  9. MonteSS


    I also have always gotten the Malware lock out. They are a legit honest company and owner is very nice. The blanks are are not very good though
  10. I made a vid on this Only one time I was not able to free it. Always the clear lip Warts too, maybe because the plastic is softer. You can hit it fairly hard. I never damaged one.
  11. Never saw a minnow style bait that goes that deep.
  12. MonteSS

    Blade bats

    I prefer these plastic Blades. I clear with Epoxy. 1/2 oz and 2" PM me about buying blanks.
  13. 110+1 go about 6-8' Best jerkbait there is and the Predator blanks are great.
  14. I may still have some Avid ones if interested
  15. I uses the micro spheres for tails and claws on baits and leave them white. Then I can dip them in JJ's colored scent for the color tail I want.
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