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  1. Senko fall rate

    A real Senko weighs 10-11g
  2. Pink pearl powder

    You can get some pearl powder from womans makeup.
  3. What to use on last step of painting hard baits

    I like Epoxy for personal or small run of baits. Bob Smith Industries 30 min or Devcon two ton 30 min. For larger production runs dipping in KBS seems to be the way to go.
  4. Plastisol question from a newbie

    Baitjunkys degassed medium for most bass baits. Durable and flexable. Get softener and add that for dropshots or sticks with salt
  5. Recipe for Mardi Gras

    .035-.040 black and .015 purple?
  6. Recipe for Mardi Gras
  7. Best plastic for Ned Rigs

    That new MF floating looks intriguing.
  8. 5" FLUKES

    If you use medium and add salt you will need to add softener.
  9. adding salt question

    Plastispl does not bond to the salt which makes them weaker. The more salt you add the more softener you need. For medium plastic try one tablespoon per 4 oz plastic. Too much softener and baits will be sticky.
  10. Createx Drying

    I never had that prob.
  11. Fading watermelon color help

    This is LC motor oil I use for baby bass. NO salt in these.
  12. Fading watermelon color help

    Whatever that is??
  13. Too soft??

    And a big bodied bait like that will take a few days at least to cure fully.
  14. gold and silver paint
  15. Emerald green