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  1. The tail spot on a redfish is known as a "false eye". It supposedly designed to fool a predator into hitting the tail instead of the head. Can't imagine a Louisiana redfish having to deal with too many dangers, tho......except for us.
  2. Try Get Bit Customs or Predator for quality replicas.
  3. 15% off purchase of $50 or more PLUS free shipping Valid thru 11/27 Coupon Code BF16
  4. barr, you'll be good 2 geaux as soon as it tacks off. Good lucki... and, a good choice.
  5. Pretty much covered that...heh, Bob?
  6. "In my experience, D2T is the hardest, most hook rash-resistant top coat out there..." Mark, you should try to get out more. : K B S
  7. Put a CORRECTLY APPLIED coat over it and you will be just fine. The tacky coat will have no bearing on the second.
  8. Ben, the bass stopped hitting them Normans when they found out the rattles were stickin'?
  9. Ben, I got a special piece of machinery.
  10. Jdeee, It's actually scanned onto the toilet paper.
  11. If you were to use the tissue like Ben suggested and lay it over aluminum foil...the entire pattern will take on a "metallic" look. The foil shows thru...especially where there is little color or lighter hues. I use toilet tissue (Charmin, single ply), so, I get even more of the foiled effect. Good luck.
  12. 21xdc, fishnart might be referring to Diamond 2 epoxy and not KBS. Prior to shutting down their operation, Sylvia @ Bullard Int'l sent me a sample of their Diamond 2 epoxy. After trying it I placed an order and now Etex, which I swore by, finds itself parked on the shelf. D II is just as user-friendly as Etex...maybe even more. considering the "set" time is much less. I can get 4-6 lures coated before I have to thin (depends on temp). After thinning I can usually end up with 10-12 lures with that single 4 tsp batch. Sets hard, smooth and uniform....ready for the KBS. No complaints so far. Btw, Bullard's brushes are the best quality I've ever used. Not throw-aways here, tho.
  13. You gonna fall in luv with that stuff, Juice.
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