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    Thank you! ...I mixed up some metallic green shot some black down the back then I dusted the bait with gold and then some copper around the the head.
  2. Thanks guys I think I'll try mixing my epoxy with something other than a tooth pick and slower...however the UV cured epoxy looks interesting...
  3. Lngnokr71

    DSCF0750 (2)

    That's a sick sick bait!
  4. Lngnokr71


    Green Meanie
  5. Lngnokr71


  6. Lngnokr71

    Big belly balsa

    She's all done!!
  7. Lngnokr71

    FAT belly balsa

    This big boy is starting to come together.
  8. I've searched the subject but have not come up with too many results.How do I get the bubbles out of my handmade lure eyes and also what apoxy is used?
  9. Lngnokr71


    Thanks guys....just trying to get better.
  10. Lngnokr71


    Thank you!
  11. Lngnokr71


    After about a year or so I finally remembered my login and password....Great to be back on!!! I thought I would post my 1st two finished balsa baits.
  12. Looking to buy more if you still have more, wanting 80 1/2 oz. traps. - Joe
  13. Lngnokr71


    another hybrid caught on Shaggy's foto shad
  14. Lngnokr71


    nice Hybrid caught on Shaggy's foto shad
  15. Lngnokr71


    ooohh is that my Gill?
  16. Lngnokr71

    The Hitch

    That is a sweet looking bait Patrick!!!
  17. Lngnokr71


    Very nice Ben. Can we get a better look at the line tie going into the body from under the lip?
  18. Lngnokr71

    floaters!!! 011

    Thanks Patrick. Your carved baits are pretty cool, I'm going to have to try photo finishing. What kind of copier and what paper did you use?
  19. Lngnokr71

    floaters!!! 011

    feeling like a mad scientist
  20. Lngnokr71

    floaters!!! 011

    not a bad weight to start with I guess
  21. Lngnokr71

    floaters!!! 010

    with and without micro baloons
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