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  1. i actually got in touch with the guy behind georgia blade and was informed that the owner of zoom lures does in fact own the machine to make those blades. He tried to purchase the machine but the price was too high. I have an email into zoom now, but have not heard anything on it currently. I have heard zoom is often a pain to deal with if they feel a patent or design is infringed, so im not sure about making any right now.
  2. Mark how do i post pics? I have them on my phone. They are also posted on a similar post of bass recource. Smallljaw thank you for the lead. Im chasing it down now. As far as making them my best freind has offered me machine time on his waterjet or stamping machines if i paid for a die. Problem we are running into is worrying about patent/copyright infringement. Im hoping first to find origional maker and see if they either still make them or have a backstock. After that i will look more into having some made.
  3. Im still looking for these blades. Any info on some would be wonderful and greatly apprciated. I have some pics but im not sure how to load them on here.
  4. Would yall reccomend buying a wrapper over building one? Im decent at woodwork and have some oak 1x's and felt here. I was looking at making one with 2 uprights on a base and 2 more supports for support.
  5. i am doing my research and reading all i can right now on getting ready to build rods. I plan to get a small kit to begin with as well as a turner. I think i can make a threader based on some homemade ones i have seen "how to's" on. I have painted cranks on and off for a few years now and know there was several curves (paint thinning, nozzzle control, etc.) that just took practice doing to learn the art of. I plan to start off with some cheaper lightweight spining kits and then some crankbait rods. I have read enough already that nobody reccomends trying to learn on a $180 scV blank for jigs or anything. I am looking more at the $20-30 blanks. So for you experienced rod builders what are the harder things to master or at least get the hang of for a beginning rod builder?
  6. im using auto air paints and i thin mine to "taste", and it varies with every color and type paint. I mix my paint first in a communion cup (unless its one i know doesn't need thinning) and try to get it to move "like milk" in the cup. Some paints like pearls and metallics need alot of thinning where others need little to none quite often. One thing i also keep handy is transparent base. I use it to "un-thin" or also to tone down a color to get it to spray even more transparently to get the look i want to achieve. I normally spray at 20-ish psi working pressure (guage reading with trigger depressed).
  7. I used to use the "shopline" clear from ppg. I always loved how it made my baits look - the finish just seemed to have that pop, shine, and sparkle using auto clear. The problem i had with auto clear and why i quit using it (aside from known health hazards involving it), was that i use my cranks on rocks, concrete columns, and other rip rap. It quite simply would not hold up to the abuse of a few errant casts or hangups on rocks. I joined the "solarez revolution" and have been happy with it taking the abuse as well as a factory lure or often better depending on the company.
  8. im looking for some advice on crank colors for fishing around the orlando area. One of my fraternity brothers moved there and wants me to paint up some lures for him but neither of us is sure on colors for the dark nearly black water of the small lakes and rivers he fishes in the orlando area. I paint ones normally for the red muddy coosa rivers i normally fish here in east central alabama.
  9. i tried some of the wicked glow additive when i was first starting out and trying different things. Idunno if i got a bad bottle of it or what but it nver had any "glow" to it all. I left the bottle itself outside and under a black light and nothing, no glow at all, on a painted bait or even the bottle itself.
  10. i bought some extra bottles (with glass marble to help shake/mix) to hold paint in for custom colors i use a lot of, and i made my bone color mixing by eye and auto air paints. It took a while to get it just how i wanted it but i finally got one i was pleased with using about 2oz of semi-opaque brite white, then added trans yellow, trans tan, and trans rootbeer til i was happy with how it sprayed on a white test panel. Each time i added a few drops of color i shook it up vigorously and then sprayed my panel and dryed it before making a decision on what to add. I dont know my exact mixture ratios but i know i used close to equal amounts of the tan and yellow and about half as much on the rootbeer to darken it to my taste. It took a lot of time and experimenting to get it right but now all i have to do is grap that bottle and thin and spray.
  11. crzyjunyer

    Iwata Parts

    i dont know that i would try it myself - coming from working on a/c equipment all day i can "make things work" but its always so much easier and better with the correct parts. With something with small and delicate precision parts like the non-neo iwatas are its worth it to me to spend and hour online to find the correct parts unless its an absolute emergency
  12. my ritual is very similar to rayburn's but my first step is to take a paper towel over my finger and wipe the bowl out to get rid of most of the paint left with it. My first back flush is then with some of what ever thinner im using for the paint and then water. i found if i put my water in an old twist top honey mustard bottle (it was clear so i can see water level) i can add just a touch of water with out making a mess. After a paint session i break my gun down and then put my nozzle in a shot glass and then pour in some acetone to soak it and also dip into to clean my airbrush with. i have an old needle i use to help clean inside the nozzle with. I later added a piece of tape to the old needle to keep it separate (learned by mistake). You do have to watch using acetone around any non teflon o-rings though. It will stretch them out and cause them to malfunction (oops), but if you can catch it early and set them out to air dry out for a few days they are usually ok. My eclipse's (hp-cs and hp-bcs) both still have rubber o-rings on the nozzle cap and packing head for trigger. The latter one was a pain to find and figure out when it happened. One minute gun would work and then it wouldnt even get air.
  13. crzyjunyer

    Iwata Parts

    im just curious as to why you would want/need to use them with genuine parts available?
  14. ben i actually just use some cheaper kids brushes from walmart myself to brush on with and had good results after brushing it on semi thick and then letting it sit for 30-40 min and rotating a time or two to keep it evened out before setting outside to cure. overall i have been super pleased with solarez and it seems to hold up as well as a "factory" lures topcoat on rocks and concrete structures i have beat lures against while fishing over the last few months.
  15. ive also quit using auto clear as well due t the health hazards of spraying it with out a proper booth for it and also since ive been so super pleased with solarez
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