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  1. If you've got a hobby lobby around you can use a 40% off coupon and save some money on your airbrush equipment.
  2. I have some discontinued timber tigers. I bought these from a tackle shop that was closing out 6 or 7 years ago. The baits are hard to find and blanks are next to impossible to find. I bought way more than I needed so looking to get rid of my extras. Personally I shaved the cams off the bodies, makes a damn good crank. 25 blanks total, 7 of the smaller ones with foil insert and 18 of the chrome.
  3. I have some createx paint I'd like to get rid of. 33 bottles 2oz size, 90% of which are full. 13 transparent, 4 wicked, 2 iridescent, 3 fluorescent, 5 pearl and 6 opaque. Plus the large bottle of opaque and 3 2oz bottles of wasco dark medium and light bass. Will be shipped flat rate insured.
  4. Bomber blanks - most of them are foiled from the factory. 2.00 per, I have 50 of them. The other picture is an assortment of blanks from different companies. Selling as a lot for 25.00
  5. Tree_Fish

    Molds for sale

    I have a few molds to get rid of : 1 - Fatboy kit - $50 1 - 5.5" skirt - $40 1 - chub-e open pour swimbait - $80 I also have a snootie jig mold in the small sizes $25
  6. I have a few aluminum soft plastic and jig molds I don't use anymore I'm looking to get rid of. All prices are tyd, paypal only Soft plastic molds: 1- 5.5" skirt,$40.00 2- Fat boy kit, includes the 2" body and 3" skirt, $60.00 3- Chub-E 5" open pour swimbait, $100 4- 3 cavity 4.5" U-tail worm, SOLD 5- 3.5" tube with spline, SOLD 6- 3.125" tube with spline, SOLD Jig Molds, all molds $25.00 each tyd, Palmer hotpot $35.00 tyd. I also have hooks and hardware for most of these: 1- Football Shaky Head -SOLD 2- Finesse Dropshot weight - SOLD 3- Snootie jig - small sizes 4- Football Swing jig -SOLD 5- Weighted hook -SOLD 6- Weighted hook -SOLD 7- Weedless Football jig -SOLD 8- Brush jig -SOLD
  7. Tree_Fish

    Chub-e swimbait

    Del-mart open pour swimbait. 5" bait 100.00 TYD
  8. Well it's time to do some spring cleaning, I'm getting rid of some molds that I just don't use anymore. Most of these are brand new never used. I got a little crazy at Christmas lol. All prices are TYD, Prices below are individual mold prices. If you woud like pics pm me 1x Basstackle Fatboy kit - $50 1x Bears 3 cav 3.5" Utail - $40 1x BT 5.5" Skirt - $40
  9. Yes it has an insert in the middle. I paid 82 bucks for mine
  10. Just had an idea, what if you masked the scale while you still had it on the blank? You'd just need a row of crescent shapes cut out of stencil material, move on down the blank with whatever highlight you choose just like you would using the half circle stencil. Or spray the highlights first in rows then adjust your scale to match and shoot transparent enough to see the highlight? I won't be able to get any painting in til next week or I'd try it!
  11. Don't beat yourself up brother, that's a darn good looking bait right there! In fact if ya wanna send it to me I'll "test" it for ya!
  12. I'm really liking the changes I've seen so far. Especially the addition of a gallery and the classifieds to the home page. I think this is much more attractive to new users. Props to ya Kurt!
  13. Bear can still get this mold for you, mine got shipped out today.
  14. Tree_Fish

    Sold please delete

    I've got about 115 left, bomber blems from the factory. Run 8-14' asking 1.00 per, will sell as lot for 80.00 TYD
  15. Tree_Fish

    Molds for sale

    I've got a few molds that I just don't use that I'd like to get rid of. I'd also be open to trade, I'd be interested in a twinjector and/or swimbait molds, particularly the fat shad, 631 BT or hollow belly. Would also consider finesse molds like trick worms etc. Giving Tu first shot, I'll leave it up here a few days before I post em anywhere else. Will send pics upon request, will consider fair offers #1- BT 6" ring worm, 1/16th rings 4 cavity asking 160 tyd retails at 195 http://www.basstackle.com/product_p/128-1-2.htm #2 BT Flapping Bug - Traded #3 BT 623 5" Swimbait mold with hook slot 1 cavity side injection asking 60 tyd retails for 79 http://www.basstackle.com/product_p/623-1-1.htm #4 BT U-Tail 7.5" 2 cavity asking 60 retails for 79 http://www.basstackle.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=127%2D1%2D1 #5 Lizard mold Sold #6 Baby Brush Hog from Bears single cavity asking 25 tyd
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