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  1. I had a problem one time wth the last coat pulling off after some time. If I remember I let the first coat dry completely before re coating. It’s been a while so I may have that backwards. Anyone else experienced this?
  2. I’ve used those but they are too expensive for doing a lot of baits. I think I’m going to buy a do it drop shot mold and modify it then cut the weights to size.
  3. Those of you that have made your own mold to pour belly weights post some pictures. I want to make one of my own and want to get some ideas. I think I would rather make one out of wood since it would be easier.
  4. I’ve ordered from specializedbalsa.com
  5. Exactly. I like kbs but I’m always on the look out for something else to lower cost but I won’t sacrifice quality.
  6. I may buy some and test it since it’s not too expensive. I use to use graco mcu and it used to be yellow and didn’t have any effect on the baits color.
  7. I came across this today and wonder if it might work as a top coat? I buy some and give it a try. https://www.woodworkingshop.com/product/m60328806/
  8. Where do you get that stuff at
  9. Main reason is want to be able to do around 100 baits at a time.
  10. Actually I don’t. Can you dip with that and how does it store?
  11. Ok. I might give that a try. I’ve done the sanding sealer and didn’t like that.
  12. I am going to start making baits again. I see a lot of the guys who make a lot of baits have them rigged up where they can dip their baits to seal, primer, and top coat. I did something similar but what do you guys think is the best thing is to seal baits with before painting that you can dip. A lot of these guys are secretive on what they use. Thanks
  13. I really like jawjackers lure. Rob builds some great baits and has helped me out on building baits. He even cuts some bodies out for me. You have to message him on Facebook to order. Brian makes some good baits too but one of my friends that runs a tackle store had some disputes with him. He still has website I think and also sells his baits on other websites.
  14. I changed what I am sealing my baits with and my white base coat. Well the garco that I have been using didn't like it and it caused my paint to crack underneath. I order a pint of kbs clear to try and it worked out great. I guess I will be switching to kbs. Where are you guys buying it from? I want to find the cheapest place to buy it from.
  15. I currently use garco and it lasts way longer than when I used dick nite. I buy a quart at a time and I pour it into small mason jars. I normally dip 3 coats. Wait an hour in between coats. When I am finished I store the jars upside down so if any does start to cure it will be on the bottom. I can dip 150-200 lures with one quart of garco. I do have a question. I was reading some old threads and came across some people sampling some new dick nite formula. It was suppose to last a lot longer. Was this stuff ever put into production.
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