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  1. I know ones that are being sold on lure parts online and other type of websites are using does to punch out the lips. I’m thinking a hand one will work.
  2. Has anyone tried this with a manual punch press? I know where I can have some dies made but not sure what would be the best type of press to use. I want to use something manual and fairly cheap. Anyone done anything like this?
  3. Yeah I’ve done it the next day too but I want to let it dry and install my lips and hook hangers and dip again. I don’t know if this would be possible with kbs
  4. What I would like to do is apply the first coat then when it dries install my lips and hook hangers then apply a second coat to seal it again. Doesn’t sound like I can do that. I wonder if I can apply another product first then seal the second time with kbs
  5. For those of you that use this and do 2 coats I have a question. Do you have any issues with the second coat adhering well? I had an issue with another mcu when doing the second coat one time. I let the first coat dry completely before applying the second and I had the second coat flake off over time. Has anyone had any success applying a second coat after the first coat has dried with kbs?
  6. So I just found out this is the same product as garco mcu which I am very familiar with.
  7. I finally got a response from the manufacturer and it is a moisture urethane. You can still do quality work in bulk. I know a lot of guys who do. Jawjacker comes to mind.
  8. I can’t really find the manufacturer anywhere. I think I did email top secrete coatings but never heard a response.
  9. I just thought someone may have tried it out before and could offer some feedback before I wasted my money.
  10. That’s what I am doing. Shopping around to find something better. I wouldn’t call that product cheap at $80 a gallon. If it stores better than kbs it would be worth a try. I remember when I started out nobody even heard of kbs.
  11. I’m looking to do a lot at a time and kbs is nice but cost too much.
  12. Wonder if anyone has tried this or know anyone that has. I wonder if it would store better than kbs? https://www.topsecretcoatings.com/products/platinum-non-yellowing-urethane-high-gloss-clear-gallon
  13. Yes you are eighth bob. I’m not sure it would work dipping unless you put it on a turner. I’m pretty sure any epoxy would require a turner or it would all run off. I could be wrong.
  14. So I want to make my own pearl paint to dip baits in for a base coat. What would best to mix this with to achieve this. I will dip the baits in my base white first. I am assuming if I win it with a regular white paint the pigments will hide the pearl. Would some kind of urethane be good to mix it with? https://www.theepoxyresinstore.com/collections/mica-powders/products/jacquard-pearl-ex-powder-pigment-pearl-white-21-26-grams
  15. I’m always in the lookout for something else to try. I came across this website when looking for pearl powder to make my own pearl paint. If you have seen videos on Facebook of people using resin to make cool tabletop furniture this is probably the product. I was wondering if you thought this might work to dip lures in for topcoat? They have a lot of other kinds and even a boat/marine kind. Might be worth a try. https://www.theepoxyresinstore.com/collections/craft-and-jewelry-epoxy-resin/products/crystal-clear-epoxy-resin-with-uv-absorbents-clearcast-7050-epoxy-resin-system
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