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  1. What about this one? Seems most comparable to the McMaster model you mentioned https://www.grainger.ca/en/product/AC-GEARMOTOR%2C25-RPM%2COPEN%2C115V/p/DMD52JE30
  2. Used a few times. Asking 50 plus shipping extra depending your location. Swim ripper swimbait mold. 4.5" Single cavity.
  3. Thanks will do. Appreciate your guidance on this.
  4. Thanks Apdriver. Is there a way to slow it down with that motor? Sorry for the stupid questions.
  5. Thanks guys. Would this motor work? It's a 60 rpm gear.motor ..I'm not sure what specs to look for. https://www.grainger.ca/en/product/GEARMOTOR-60-RPM-AC/p/DMD2Z829
  6. anyone willing to sell theirs or make one to sell?
  7. Thanks! So looks like rpm wise 20 to 25 is ideal from reading posts. Can anybody else share what model motor they are using.
  8. Can someone please recommend the model motor they are using on their presto pot stirring system. How many rpm etc. Pictures are welcome. Also how you are connecting stir rod to the motor. Thanks
  9. I see. Ya its a round head inward facing keeper 90 degree jig head. I'll try the glue durine tying as.well
  10. Munkin how are the blades from countbass? Are thick? The first hole closest to head is it smaller compared to other 2 where the clip connects?
  11. Good input here. Was thinking same on how to improve. I will try both t oven and pan to see which is working better for me to speed process up, and report.
  12. Thanks tf I'll try that. Could it be too that I'm putting to much on at once?
  13. Hi all Having difficulty maintaining the synthetic fur while tying. A pile pulls off after I'm done tying. I'm tying on small 1/8 oz jigs. Length of fur is about inch. Using dansville 210 denier flymaster + thread. Probably my technique but does anyone have solution to this? Certain technique or method to follow? Is it normal or just me. Thanks in advance
  14. X2 for the plier method. Also what works great is very thin fly tying wire to hold the blade at first eye. Then heat with heat gun and dip in fluid bed making sure to get very thin coat. The thin wire barely touches the blade making it very easy to take blade off once cool. Bake in the toaster oven to cure. For the dull flat look I tried something last night after using flat black powder paint. I took a nail file and lightly roughed up the blade after paint cured. I like the finish and look.
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