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  1. carphugger

    Tmp IMAG00831253569599

    Yeah, they are line through with the hook on top. They do kick pretty good. The whole body wobbles. I haven't gotten bit on the big one yet, but the smaller one has an amazing hook-up ratio.
  2. Thanks! It's kind of hard to explain the process, it's not painted though. I basically brush glitter on the inside of a skin that goes over the whole bait.
  3. carphugger

    Tmp IMAG00831253569599

    Two shad baits. 6 inch and 8 inch 6 oz. Jumbo!
  4. carphugger

    Tmp IMAG0187 858675120

    Time to test out my new baby bass!
  5. The only thing to watch out for, is I'm not sure how you would pour silicone into silicone. If you used a release, you may not be able to paint it afterward if that's something you would want to do. You might need to make a silicone positive and then make a hard resin mold to pour into, or make your molds out of some sort of non-silicone rubber. Not sure. I make my molds out of HDPE that I carve with a cnc machine so It's not an issue.
  6. It's ecoflex 30 from smooth-on. It's 00-30 hardness which is below shore A. That's the softest silicone that I have found that isn't tacky once cured. It's a little stiffer than standard plastisol, but if you make your tails a little thinner they still kick really well. It's more durable than plastisol (I've caught several dozen fish on another bait I made without tears or anything) and I think it's a lot safer and easier to work with. I glued the eyes on with G.E. silicone *I clear caulk. You can get it at most hardware stores, but it has to be silicone I, not silicone II. It's the only silicone I have found that will stick. You could also use that to repair a bait if it did tear.
  7. Here's a silicone swimbait I made. The color won't wear off because it's built in! It's a line through top hook.

    © Gail Ratcliff

  8. thanks everybody! The fish was modeled on a computer in Blender (3d software).. I'm a motion graphics designer by trade. Then the mold was cut out with a cnc machine. That's where the high scale detail comes from. I'm pretty happy with it.
  9. It's paint. I didn't airbrush it though, I used a brush with airbrush paint.
  10. carphugger

    Foil experiment

    this looks sweet!
  11. New barfish swimbait I'm working on with zerovoc uv epoxy coating!

    © gail ratcliff

  12. carphugger

    My drying rack

    These look really good. What are you using for a topcoat? Is that what's in the can at the bottom?
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