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  1. jbaj007

    Gram Scale - How Much To Spend?

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/0-01Gram-100g-Digital-Electronic-Jewelry-Weigh-Precision-pocket-Scale-silver-/360598117010?pt=US_Pocket_Digital_Scales&hash=item53f5529a92 drug dealers, jewelers,pawn shops all use digital, now......unless they are really old. (very few old drug dealers!!!! )
  2. jbaj007

    Small Mouth Pattern

    A 15" lure is a taxidermy mount in my opinion!!! This may help: http://www.rmi-online.com/paintschedules/smbass.pdf
  3. jbaj007

    Pelucid Spray

    http://por15bc.com/pelucid_msds.htm The MSDS sheet shows some pretty tough stuff (xylene, benzene, cyano). I;d really have some decent organic vapor cartridges in a full face mask if I were to spray this.
  4. jbaj007

    Compressor Problems

    Looks like the unloader valve. Could be it's not seated, but the most common cause is a bad check valve. This video really explains:
  5. jbaj007

    Paint Question

    Paasche VL tip sizes (approx) VL1.. 0.50 mm VL3... 0.73 mm VL5... 1.06 mm
  6. jbaj007

    Help With Photoshop

    I use Photoshop CS2 and am inept with it, so I don't like that!. I have seen the Gimp program recommended often on another board; which is why I mentioned trying it first. (Free helps).
  7. jbaj007

    Help With Photoshop

    Try this free program. http://www.gimp.org/
  8. jbaj007

    Gold Leaf

    OP was probably actually referring to something like this, as benton points out. http://www.rexart.com/daler_rowney_goldfinger.html
  9. jbaj007

    Where To Buy Unpainted Plastic Bait Cheap

    Predator Bass Baits is a sponsor and has nice stuff at a good price. I've been happy with them. http://www.predatorbassbaits.com/id69.html
  10. jbaj007

    Catching - Fisherman Or Fish ?

    Herman, Regarding your technique of reflective mylar on underside of clear bill. On a commercial plastic lure bill (cast plastic). would you have the reflective surface face down?? or up, to be seen through the bill? Thanks
  11. jbaj007

    Holographic Mylar/foil

    Jones tones foil; silver laser glass. Can't get thinner than it ( ~thickness of gold leaf). They don't carry the silver laser drop foil anymore.
  12. jbaj007

    Best Silver Paint?

    This stuff is the best rattle can "sorta chrome" that I've found. It's not Alsa quality, but you don't need a polished gloss black substrate, like Alsa. I just shot a scarred junk bait to show you. It is slick enough on a real prepped lure that waterbase, water borne paint needs an intermediate clear or needs to be shot with just one mist coat of color at a time or the Createx Wicked (in my case) just beads up.
  13. jbaj007

    Newbie First Time Painter

    I read everything I could here, and on theairbrushforum.com, and practiced on a bunch of paper bags. I did paint a few of my motorcycles 40+ years ago. Also, I work with my hands at my job on very fine, detailed procedures every workday. To be honest I wiped off as much as I painted at the beginning, and the first bait has enough layers of paint to make it a sinking, rather than suspending, bait! This forum really tells you everything and I thank you for it. Who knew you peeled the mylar off the foil after you glued it? I didn't . Thanks
  14. jbaj007

    Newbie First Time Painter

    This is my first hardbait that I airbrushed. The tiny white dots are .004 silver holographic flakes in an intermediate clear base, not sloppy dust!; they don't reflect unless you turn the bait to different angles in sunlight. Devcon 2T clear (a real beetch when you're new) Read everything here; thanks to you all. I'll get better with practice. SoCal surf fishing with LC 100 copies for Cali Hali. Supposed to imitate this: My second bait, I tried foil (Jones Tones) Supposed to be green-backed version of anchovy: You really have a valuable site, here. The information was complete and mucccccch appreciated! Bruce