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  1. RAWJigs

    Do-it Bullet molds

    model BBJ-3-AY is the smaller size model BBJ-3-LF is the large sizes.
  2. RAWJigs

    Do-it Bullet molds

    Thanks for that. I should have listed those and didn't think nothing of the bullet-nose.
  3. RAWJigs

    Do-it Bullet molds

    I have 2 bullet molds 1/4,3/8,1/2 on one 5/8,3/4,7/8 on the second Both pour fine. I modified them to take a bait keeper so I have a plastic holder. Good condition. 60TYD OBO
  4. RAWJigs

    Core Shots

    I didn't modify it per se, just take the big sprue and cut it to where i can only pour the top two ... but I will post what I do tomorrow afternoon after work.
  5. RAWJigs

    Core Shots

    I have a bobs mold 706 craw. 4 cavity. I cut the sprue where the top two cavities can be poured. I have each color I do this to down to a cadence and stream thickness. I pour it to what I need and shoot the rest.
  6. RAWJigs

    Fishing Skirts.com

    No, haven't heard nothing bout them whether it actually works like its suppose to or not. I know FS started carrying a line like that.
  7. RAWJigs

    Fishing Skirts.com

    I have been doing this for 5 years now. I usually order from 3 places. Fishing Skirts gets most of my business. Never had an issue at all. Erin calls me if there is a problem with my order or something is out of stock and she has gotten permission by my wife to substitute something that would not be noticed in the full skirt and what not. Not once have I had a problem from them. LurePartsOnline - Been ordering from them since I bought my first melting pot in November of 2010 (that is when I started to collect the tools and such I needed). I use their skirting as a backup if FS is out of it. If I had to buy hooks and no skirting, went LPO all the way. If I had to buy skirting, and just had to buy hooks from LPO I would just buy from FS to save shipping. I just purchased 500 5/0 Premium Eagle Claw since I have seen they are a lot better then the Mustads now so if these pan out like they are being said, I will be doing more business with LPO on hooks. I use them for my rubber materials, some hair I can't get at my local cabelas and when I buy molds I buy through them. Spinnerbait heads, some other heads that I love that they don't have molds for. Great customer service. The only problem I had was I ordered some trokar hooks and they sent the wrong ones. They then sent the right ones and they got lost in the mail so they sent another package. The lady then told me to keep every hook they sent me and if the lost ones show up to keep them. They were very helpful and polite. Barlows - First time I ordered, I was not happy because it took almost 3 weeks to get my order. No call no nothing. Well time came where I needed some teflon pins .... So while I was there ordering I figured they give a dang good price on those Trokar jig hooks that I ordered me a few packs to make the 8 dollar shipping worth it ... 3 days later it was there. I use them for my Trokar hooks and teflon pins and some other odds and ends and always get my order within a few days.
  8. RAWJigs

    Bait Pictures

    We use a light box and we have some expensive Nikon
  9. RAWJigs

    Powder Painting Swing Jig Head

    Love that you shared that. I havnt got the mold but loads of customers are begging. Great job and great share here bud
  10. RAWJigs

    Bob's Tackle Shack

    Love them. Hopefully they have a Black Friday sale like last year
  11. RAWJigs

    Help With Rootbeer

    To 5 ounces of plastic I use 14 drops of MF Rootbeer and 3 drops of non x2 black. Then I also put that green hi lites in it with moss green glitter. Matches the rootbeer jig I make pretty well
  12. RAWJigs

    Lee 20 Pound Pot ...

    Mine acts like it don't get hot enough. I have to have those 1/2oz cavities cracked open to get enough flow.
  13. RAWJigs

    Lee 20 Pound Pot ...

    yup I have read on other forums doing research on why my new one was just horrible, and saw that Lee changed the heating element, but didn't know any truth ... so I just said whatever and just thought it was me
  14. RAWJigs

    Lee 20 Pound Pot ...

    I bought a 20 pound pot about 3 years ago. LOVED IT, had its fair share of leaking but I could turn the plunger and stopped for a few jigs. The heating element went out about 2 weeks ago, so I bought another 20 pound pot. Instead of the screw and plunger setup, it has that all in one crappy plunger. I DO NOT LIKE IT! But I had to make due until I got my other pot fixed and figured the new one would be a "IN CASE OF EMERGENCY". The new pot, I couldn't get complete pours with hardly anything over 1/2 ounce. Now I have everything fixed and I can't get my older one to pour anything over half ounce consistently. I have clean lead. Same lead I have used for the last 5 years and had no problems until this new pot and this new heating element. I am just trying to make due until I get the money up for one of the fancier ones. RCBS or whatever they are. Has Lee changed something in the heating elements? I have tried everything I know and did in the past and nothing is working ... Jigs and a mold went flying already lol
  15. RAWJigs

    Sprayed Grass

    I forgot I posted this, been busy pouring baits and making jigs, working and being sick lol ... The one we made has been catching some good fish for my buddy at guntersville ... so I say we made a successful color