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  1. jeffhill

    Pink pearl powder

    I sent you a pm.
  2. jeffhill

    Pink pearl powder

    Anyone remember the pink powder lc used to sell? It had blue undertones to it. I use it pretty regularly and they no longer carry it. If anyone has some they’re willing to part with or knows where I can get some it would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  3. jeffhill

    Large Scale Soft Plastic Manufacturer

    I sent you a pm. I may be able to help depending on the volume.
  4. jeffhill

    Chartreuse colorant

    Thanks for all the replies, guys. I'll check it out.
  5. jeffhill

    Chartreuse colorant

    What do all you crappie guys use for chartreuse colorant? I've got a few crappie molds now and my m-f green chartreuse with white isn't bright enough. It needs to be non bleed for laminates.
  6. jeffhill

    Bait Bags

    I used saket the last time I ordered. Very good quality and inexpensive.
  7. jeffhill

    Turn Out More Product?

    If you need to keep your molds cooler, try adding molds of a similar size that aren't being used in between molds you are shooting. They act as a heat sink. I also have a furnace blower (squirrel cage) mounted to one of my benches. If my molds get too hot, I'll get the blower after them. It doesn't take long to cool molds off with that much airflow.
  8. I've retrofitted my bears shooting star system with pid controllers. We mounted the thermocouple directly in the bottom center of the pot. The temp control is much better than the factory presto pot controllers.
  9. jeffhill

    Line Through Swim Bait Questions

    I pour a lot of line-thrus for a west coast company. We use ribbed nickel plated lead inserts in ours. I don't have any trouble with them pulling out or turning the plastic colors.
  10. Want to buy bt 5.5" bomb with claws, ai stingers and 702 molds
  11. jeffhill

    Brush Hog

    I talked to Sarah a while back on cutting a 4 cavity that they didn't show on the site. Within 5 minutes, she confirmed that they could cut it in a 4 cavity and shipped it out two days later. Great customer service.
  12. jeffhill

    Brush Hog

    I have the Basstackle 6" flippin hog. It's a pretty close copy of the original.
  13. jeffhill

    Motor Oil And Scuppernong Recipe Suggestions

    Bears has a good scuppernong dye.M-F has a good color changing motor oil dye called changeable motor oil.
  14. jeffhill

    Purple Glitter Heat Resistance / Suppliers

    Lurecraft black grape is the ONLY purple I'll use.
  15. jeffhill

    How To Get Swirl Look

    It should work with both. The effect is just easier to get with a larger mold. I'd try the stick mold first. There is a little bit of a learning curve but you'll figure it out pretty quick.