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  1. Hi MonteSS, The mine, have sides more light blue,i think (base white+yellow+lime pearl … from createx), but i haven´t sure ???? Continue searching a help for know the right color to mix, to obtain this pattern ??? Thanks Nuno
  2. Hi, Monte SS Please show it, i like to see your lure color ! I think, this lucky craft Table Rock Shad color want to paint, have several years, are not the actual lucky craft table rock shad color ! Like you said MonteSS, the side colors i have to paint equal, i think have a pattern between White bone+Lime Green and a light blue ?????? If anyone know how to do it, i appreciate ! Thanks Nuno
  3. Thanks to all, I´ll try paint it, and i show you later the final result ! Thanks Nuno
  4. Ok Tally, I hope so ! I want paint it in my lures, and i don´t know the right colors to use to make the body pattern ! Thanks Nuno
  5. Hi, Any one know the right air brush colors to use, for this pattern ? Lucky Craft Table Rock Shad https://duohook.ie/lucky-craft-pointer-78sp-table-rock-shad/ Thanks Nuno
  6. Hi, Where i fish, the lakes are very deep, and clear water. Now i´m trying to paint my own lures. Can i have your´s options to do this final result ? Thanks Nuno
  7. Hi, I need help to find, this scales type, anyone know where to find it ? Thanks Nuno
  8. Hi, Anyone know the correct number or correct reference, to paint the brown back color ? I paint my lures with createx , if anyone know how to obtain the brown back color, i apreciate it ! For the yellow i use yellow opaque with a little yellow flurescent, down i use pearl tangerine. The back brown color, i don't know the correct color to use ? I need help !!! http://www.ebay.com/itm/BANDIT-FLAT-MAXX-DEEP-SERIES-LURE-FMD243C-IN-BROWN-SPLATTER-BACK-COLOR-/371002737011?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item56617c8173 By By Nuno
  9. NMELO

    Glitter Source

    Ok Nathan, thanks. i gonna try in my lures ! By
  10. NMELO

    Glitter Source

    Hi Nathan, The glitter you use, are metal micro glitter flake .004 from paint with pearl ? By Nuno
  11. NMELO

    Glitter Source

    Hi, Any body know the correct number/names/ reference color's, like createx colors, for paint one lure i want ? Is the bandit 300 in splatter brown color ? http://www.landbigfish.com/popupshowcase.cfm?photo=410 By
  12. NMELO

    Glitter Source

    Hi Gon2long, Can you help me with the right name/type glitter you use from paintwithpearl house ? I have see it, but have many types, pearl, metal flakes .... Now i don't know the correct type glitter to by ? By Nuno
  13. NMELO

    Glitter Source

    Hi, Could you help me to choice the right glitter name in "paint with pearl shop" ? 1 - i want one glitter like the yellow magic top water have. see it in "tacklewarehouse shop" http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Yellow_Magic_Japanese_Popper/descpage-YELLMJP.html 2 - I want other glitter very small to joint with clear coat, for all the body lure. 3- And last, i want paint some lures, like bill norman gelcoat ! You know one produt similar gelcoat ? Thanks Nuno
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