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  1. Clint M

    A-rig Outlawed

    Im calling mine the endangered species rig! Lord knows thats whats gonna happen if we keep fishing with it.
  2. Clint M

    A-rig Outlawed

    Ok I stand corrected. Knifemaker did post. While i was fighting with littleriver. Knifemaker I shouldnt have called you names. Sorry. You however dont know anything about these lures or you wouldnt make a ridiculous statement like that. Im sorry for the name calling. Took that too far. Got all wound up about this subject. Noone knows just what this lure will do. Including me. Wiping out broodstock however is a little extreme. Im pretty certain that most practice catch and release anyway. Have a great week and ignore me. Im irish,scottish, german hillbilly. My mouth engages before my brain sometimes. Im done here.
  3. Clint M

    A-rig Outlawed

    Ok dont forget you asked for it. Its not only my right as a citizen of this country, but above all that, my GOD given right to state what my opinion is. So now that we have the first rational thought out of the way. Lets get down to the business at hand. If you make a ludicrous, unfounded, uneducated remark about something you have no knowledge of I believe someone should let you know about it. I doubt seriously if many of you that have commented on this subject negatively have ever caught your first fish on the a-rig. If you had used this new technique you would realize that your comments about it wiping out broodstock are completely unfounded. Which brings me to the point that I made in previous posts that the anglers that are getting this outlawed in tournaments are exactly like you. Ignorant. Not ignorant in math maybe, or spelling, or even how to cook, but ignorant to the lure. You are a hypocrite my friend. You make outlandish statements on your side of the argument, and expect everyone to high five you. I however being a fisherman in every sense of the word know the truth. I have fished this lure for over three months. I can back up what I say, mentally,and physically. I fished it today. We caught eight fish. Really wiped out the lake. I realize that you being from TN are a little butthurt because you cant use an a-rig with five wires. I hate that for you. I speak from experience with the lure, not maybe, or what if, or any of that jazz. I make lures for fun. I have a business that I run that pays my bills. I fish about 15-20 hours a week in the winter, and probably double that in the summer. You my friend have no dog in this fight, and no reason to speak. You dont have the first clue what fishing one of these rigs is like. So your facts are bullshit at best. You dont know a damn thing you havent read about this lure. If I discourage you from saying something unfounded and ignorant I would think you would appreciate it. Only the people that have used this rig should even comment about it. BASS knows dick about it. FLW beat them to the punch. I had already commented on that subject, and moving right along ive wasted thirty minutes on you. Get a real job, get off the internet, hell go fishing. Do something productive with your life. Fighting with me will only bring you mental anguish. If telling the truth is not welcomed here I understand. The funny thing is KNIFEMAKER hasnt replied once to me. If he has a problem with what I said im sure hes a big boy and can handle it hisself.
  4. Clint M

    A-rig Outlawed

    WOW. Thats all im saying.
  5. Clint M

    A-rig Outlawed

    Seriously. Did you really mean this. Holy shit. I didnt think liberals fished. I think we should be thinking about how they are fish. Not Navajo Indians. We can restock them. We do restock them. I make these freakin things, and ill tell you unless you know what to throw on one, and how to locate fish you are spinning your wheels. Its just like any other new bait. Yeah it might catch five once in your life. A crankbait might catch two at once. I guess we should ban yo yos and trotlines too. I wish there were MEN left on this planet with some balls, and some brains, with a good moral sense of direction. Seems like all we have anymore are a bunch of sissies. If you cant figure something out, try harder. If something breaks, fix it. When did we start being so gutless about everything?
  6. Clint M

    Dark Gill

    Awesome looking paintjob. You went the extra mile on that one!
  7. Clint M

    Looking For A Good Weedless Jig Mold?

    Thanks smalljaw. What about the poison tail? You ever pour any of those?
  8. Clint M

    A-rig Outlawed

    Here is the real deal. Most of the bait companies that sponsor bass probably dont make a version of the lure. So in turn they are losing their ass right now. So you tell your sponsored anglers that are on the team that we are going to vote against this thing and walah no alabama rigs. It pisses me off to no end. Or it could be like around here and guys that cant fish the thing yet are getting their ass smoked by the ones that can so we vote against it. I guess they need to ban side imaging, hydrowave, lure scent, low profile reels, and anything not carved from a whales tooth. Track the money and find the problem. Someones a little butthurt about losing money. If they ban them in the local tournaments im going to start bringing home all the fish I catch. So I guess lure innovation is out the window. If you make something revolutionary to fishing bass bans it. I am outlawing them. I will not watch them or buy their damn magazine anymore. Im so sick of premadonnas. Wow ive been waiting all afternoon to vent. Boy do I feel better.
  9. Clint M

    Red Seed

    Yessir. Thats how most of mine turn out the best. When i just show out on em. I think it looks awesome.
  10. Clint M

    Extreme Seed

    Man you have the gift. Those all look sharp!
  11. Clint M

    fun with the airbrush

    Wicked! Thats what i would call this one.
  12. Clint M

    Looking For A Good Weedless Jig Mold?

    Sorry smalljaw. I brainfarted. I will be using such as berkely hollow body. baby dippers reaction innovation. super fluke jr. etc.... 3/0 Hook i believe for the smaller ones and im wanting small weighted jigs. 1/16-1/4 ounce.
  13. Hey guys ive been throwing my version of the alabama rig and am about to lose my mind on the hang ups. Do any of you have a suggestion for a good lead head weedless mold? I am looking for something with a wire not a full weed guard. Help Please.
  14. Clint M


    WOW! ALL HAIL THE KING OF TU. Dude you killed it. You havent even cleared them yet have you? DAMN NICE WORK!!
  15. Clint M

    5.45 today on my rig

    Sorry that the videos are freakin sideways. My dad thought he was taking pictures and hit the video button on his Iphone. Anyway had 22 lb sack best five today on Greers Ferry Lake