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  1. Buster68

    Anyone know if BTS is taking orders?

    I have read several horror stories about molds not showing up, no answers to emails, etc I myself have never had that problem so I continue to order from Bob. I know him and Betty have had health problems and other problems on top of that. How he runs his business is none of my business, I guess I have just not been done wrong by him and until I do I will continue to buy from him.
  2. Buster68

    Anyone know if BTS is taking orders?

    I received shipping confirmation on the 6th Mold on the 8th
  3. Buster68

    Anyone know if BTS is taking orders?

    I ordered 2 molds December 11th, received them Monday January 8th. I emailed prior and Betty replied all new orders would ship out in 14 days. Considering it was Christmas time, molds arrived about what she had said taking into account a shutdown period for Christmas.
  4. Buster68

    WTB Jig Skirt Mold with hole

    Looking to buy Bobs 3.75 Jig Skirt injection molds, only the ones WITH hole Let me know what you got, thanks for your time
  5. Buster68

    New Guy

    Hey guys, kinda new to the bait making world, found this site from a couple of buddies, from what i have read, this place could be very helpful, thanks in advance for answers to questions i am sure i will ask.....God Bless