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  1. Thanks for all the input. The mold came out as well as I could expect for my first attempt. Learned a few things I would do different next time also. I know have an issue with an air pocket forming in the bait and need to figure out if or how venting will fix this. I've been pouring the bottom half of the bait, letting it set about a minute then closing the mold and it pours from the end. The air pocket is about 2/3 of the way back on the bait. Not really sure where to go from here. I may try pouring it a few more ways before modifying the mold.
  2. Thanks Mark, that was exactly what I needed to know.
  3. Working on a two piece POP mold, I usually use resin but wanted to try this. I have the first half poured and drying, do I need to seal the first half before pouring the second? So they don't stick together? Or is there another option? Happy Holidays!
  4. I'm just getting into this and have made two unsuccessful molds so far. I made a Pop mold that for some reason stayed soft, its a week old now. I can dig right into it with my fingernail. The pop was a few years old I had it around from another project, does it go bad? I'm going to try sealing it with epoxy to see if I can get a few out of it to make a multi cavity mold from something else, since the original sample broke when I cast the mold. I don't know why the Pop is soft. My second attempt was to duplicate some worms that I like that Zoom no longer makes, I have about 8 left. So i decided to try a fiberglass resin mold. Glues 4 samples in a pyrex dish and mixed the resin according to the directions. Looked great when I poured it, I let it sit overnight. The next morning the mold cracked right down one of the worms. so now i have a one worm mold and the other half has 2 worms. Maybe I should try less hardner? I think it may have cured too fast for the thicknessof the mold and generated too much heat? Is that possible? Lastly I have been using superglue gel to glue down the worms. Both times I had mold material creep around the samples. So now I have a lot of clean up around the edges. Not so bad with Pop but the resin is much harder. If I put too much glue it creeps out and I'm thinking it will leave a bad edge on the mold. How do you deal with this? Does liquid superglue work better?
  5. Some of those molds do look like Upton's worms or at least similar. I'm probably going to order #536 and softner and hardner so I can go in either direction if I want. Thanks.
  6. I'm brand new to this forum and there's lots of good info here. I'm getting into hand pouring for my own use. I'm working on a few POP molds now mostly trick worms I use. I also like Upton's 9 and 13" worms and use those a lot. Does anyone know which type of plastic would be most similar to that? They sink with just a hook in them but the tail will float, I would like to duplicate the softness as well. Thanks.
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