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  1. stencilmomma michelle

    Molded Patterns In Stock

    Darn system wont let me edit the first post! anyways email us direct at or text us at 503-330-1103
  2. stencilmomma michelle

    Molded Patterns In Stock

    Hey guys.. Just to let you know we have in stock and ready to ship five sets of our new molded craw pattern no 42m. These five were osed to test our new tooling. The actual pattern is just over 2in and there is no head on the stencil so it will fit most all 2.5in crankbaits. The detail is great and molding is fantastic! Pric is 12.95 per set with free shipping. Thanks Again.... Michelle
  3. stencilmomma michelle

    Time To Knuckle Down On Stenciling

    Like I said I have a silhouette cameo, its collecting dust on my shelf....goodluck!
  4. stencilmomma michelle

    Time To Knuckle Down On Stenciling

    Yes they do work but only for a while and videos put up on the net im sure are showing newer machines. These are all the same as a basic vinyl cutter with one exception..they have a stronger relay to push the pen down and larger stepper motors. the issue is the bearings on these machines just dont hold upto the force needed to cut even .10 mill material. But again ive only been useing these for six yrs or so and replaced many parts on them so what do i know but that being said i used the hell out of the machines and put more hours on one in a month than you will in a lifetime so it may work well for you. If you want another one email me its 100 bucks with the sign cut software that will import adobe..take care
  5. stencilmomma michelle

    Time To Knuckle Down On Stenciling

  6. stencilmomma michelle

    Time To Knuckle Down On Stenciling

    I have played with these for years. The big trick is to steo up to one that will export directly from adobe in the the machine software. They work ok for limited runs like making your own stencils etc when they are new but the force put onto the material by the cutting blade will soon throw the machine out of tollarence. at forst you can tighten things up untill the bearing giv way then you will find that things just dont look like you have drawn them. Unlike standard vinyl cutters that cut thin mterial with a backing these machines also require the user to attach the material to be cut to a backing pad for cutting. I was useing a 3m spray adhisive then cleaning it off with acetone. also the material i found that worked best was some clear thick stuff from officemax. I actualy have one on these machines sitting on my shelf think i paid around 1500 for it and its junk to me but mabey someone out there wants it for say $100 you pay shipping. attached is a pic of some stuff im doing with our new 3d lasers...
  7. stencilmomma michelle

    What Crankbaits You Guys Use

    Hello Everyone.. Rob wanted me to drop you folks a line and find out what are the crankbaits you guys paint the most and if anyone has a line on where to get them wholesale. He has a new 3d laser out in the shop and has been molding clamshells stencils for you guys that are truly amazing. If anyone has any input please let us know and we will offer them in all our patterns. Also attached is a picture of our two babys the older one is gabe and the tiny one is little Robbie Jr..Thanks again Michelle
  8. stencilmomma michelle

    Looking To Buy Some Painted Baits

    Hey Guys... Im looking to buy a few baits that have been painted with our stencils for a store display. If there are any for sale please email michelle directly at with a pic and price...oh and mabey which stencils you used and a good email where we can send the paypal payment...Thanks
  9. stencilmomma michelle

    We are getting back online well atleast my phone showed up from repair any one needs to reach me call 503-330-1103...Rob
  10. stencilmomma michelle

    Uv Paint

    Im told that fish see uv and useing some of the new uv paint helps attract more fish...any thoughts?
  11. stencilmomma michelle

    Lets See Your Stencils

    I like to spend 100k on equipment so I can sit back and drink soda while my robots make the stencils
  12. stencilmomma michelle

    Sorry no salmon in Louisiana
  13. stencilmomma michelle

    Hello.. Its not that big of a deal but a little water goes a long way with electronics!, I dont think you will notice a delay in your order as it will ship early next week and we will be sure to throw in some free stuff. Thanks again and again my phone is being repaired but you can call my wife anytime at 503-839-0445 if you have any questions or just email us...Thanks
  14. stencilmomma michelle

    Hey Folks.. If you havent seen the news we had a mojor flood here in oregon. Our shop got hit, damaged our lasers and crashed a couple of computers..(along with my phone!) Just wanted to drop a line for any of you guys who have orders pending no worries we are waiting on one more part thats on its way and we will get the rest of these orders shipped. If you need to reach us please call my wife at 503-839-0445 Seince we have been down for a few days ive been screwing around painting some spinners with powder. Next time ill fire up the bug gun and oven to shoot the clear but thought i would share a pic anyways...take care....Rob
  15. stencilmomma michelle

    Hey guys.. We did some painting with my pal Larry Larue last night useing some of our new skull stencils.