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  1. Alcohol will soften acrylic paint. I paint,let dry for several days then apply etex. Use clean dry cloth if I need to remove dust. Don't touch painted surface after paint
  2. acid brushes but good brushes can be cleaned with alcohol. My E tex (open container) is 8 years old and still works like normal. The resin will crystalize a little as mentioned above but warm water takes care of that
  3. Killntime

    Help with KBS

    21xdc do you thin it when new or just as it thickens. Thanks
  4. Very informative youtube channel, Engineered Angler , very detailed. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS9izgLp6k7siMTMU21ZoNw
  5. I have E-tex that is 7 years old. The hardener has ambered a bit more but still hardens clear. The only problem that has happened is crystals in the resin but warming it up dissolves them. Still works like when i bought it, no complaints
  6. An aside, Rapala dt crankbaits break the same way when slapped on the surface to remove weeds. Learned the hard way
  7. I use .032 stainless lock wire just twisted,( about 1/2 " or so long finished shaft) then drill 1/16" hole and shoot etex in hole with syringe and push in.
  8. I too use pvc trim from lowes. It only requires about half the ballast of balsa. I just epoxy twisted wire line ties and hook hangers in and have had no issues (pike and steelhead)
  9. The directions say volume not weight (syringe or marked cups)
  10. I just use envirotex for everything: bills, hook hangers and line ties. If line tie is in a large bill I usually drill a hole from bottom and pin it with a piece of .051 wire . In experimenting with diving bill size and trying to change one in a balsa bait, I wasn't able to pull it out. Never scuffed bills either
  11. If you have teflon pins you can chuck one in a drill press and use sandpaper or a file to turn down the ends. I wrap a piece of wire around the longer teflon pin where normal metal pin ends to keep it from sliding in mold
  12. I use pliers on straight section of wire form and twist 90 degrees, then slightly close hook loop to fit in mold. That way I can use 60 degree jig hooks (which I already have) with screw lock if I want it weedless. Don't twist where factory bends are or it will weaken wire
  13. .01 and 1/8 oz at http://www.lurecraft.com/content/
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