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  1. Thanks guys I'll show him the picks and let him make the choice. I think I have some chestnut brown tabs some where in all this mess.
  2. Anyone have a source for some burgundy skirt tabs? Don't ask me why but a customer wants a burgundy spinnerbait.
  3. I use polytranspar wet look competition gloss laquer. You can get it in a spray can or for your airbrush. You can get it from taxidermy supply store.
  4. I had to stop using AC1315. Something in it messes with my head. I tried using it outside with a fan I even bought a respirator and used goggles and it still burns my eyes and gives me a headache so it's in the garbage with that and back to auto clear and D2T.
  5. 69 camero pace car rod orange houndstooth carbon fiber grips hugger orange seat and wraps chrome guides and winding checks.
  6. What grit glass beads are you using?
  7. I got mine at lowes. Its on the back wall with the other trim boards
  8. I get 100% pure scrap lead for free but it's pretty dirty
  9. I used nason auto clear from orielys it's inexpensive. Mark I have sprayed laquer for years without a respirator with zero problems and the concert sealer is worse one me than the laquer. I had to buy a respirator to use the concrete sealer and it still burns my eyes I guess I'm going to have to get a full face respirator. I'm not saying you don't need a respirator to spray laquer and I may die tomorrow but it has never bothered me but the concert sealer bothers me. I guess everyone is different.
  10. i just diped my first bait and wow. I painted this bait a few monts ago and diped yesterday and it still looked great last night so maybe I won't have any problems with the laquer paint reacting.
  11. I use lacquer paints so I don't have to heat set my paint. I have a heat gun so I will try to give a little heat to the sealer as it cures.
  12. Thanks mark I just ordered a quart. You need to be getting a cut off all these sales you are generating.
  13. Yes sir there is only one place I use these worms. This weekend is the first time I fished there in about 12 years and the first fish I caught was almost 7lbs so it would will be a couple weeks before I go back.
  14. McLuvin you da man. I understand about the bleeding you speak of. I wondered why some worms would bleed(like cotton candy charteuse tail,if one of the worms in the pack was the opposite of the others they will bleed chartreuse on the whole worm) and others won't. I'm sure these worms have dye in them. These worms are probably 15 years old and I've changed the bag twice and the whole inside of the bag is orange. I will test this afternoon to make sure and try your suggestions. Thanks
  15. Yes it does where did you get the copper hi lites at? I found some copper pearl powder but haven't seen any copper hi lites. Thanks
  16. Top is black. I was looking at some pearls on the spike it website and saw a pearl that looked pretty close on its own. I don't own any pearls but I think it's time to order a few. Thanks
  17. This is a gill raker crawdad colored worm I need to replicate. They quit making this color 10 or 15 years ago. I don't have very many colors to chose from so I'm sure I will have to order some colors to make that orangeish gold colored bottom. Any ideas for a recipe to make that color.
  18. I got the email saying it shipped Monday morning before I saw this post. It's not a big deal if it's something I can't live with I will exchange it or remove the slot myself. Thanks for the heads up I have heard nothing but good things about there customer service.
  19. Yes it's new I haven't even revived it yet I will swap it out if I don't think I can live with it.
  20. that sucks I ordered mine Friday and they didn't have or I didn't see the no hook slot mold.
  21. Thanks monte That's what I thought. I knew it looked awfully close to the rage. I may try that 706 maybe they will have a African American Friday sale.
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