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  1. Just a couple more on your spinner construction question. In line with what Mark posted above, I think the main thing you are missing to get a consistent spin is a good bearing surface under the clevis. Here's a picture of three different size 5's I do. Each has a different body but they all have a good bearing surface and they all fish real well. Hope this helps...
  2. My solution to spinner production is my 14 year old son. He has the youg eyes and youthful enthusiam to crank spinners out pretty quick. I am hoping I have this resource for a couple more years at least. But, overall, after years of making spinners, I cannot say that there is a miracle cure for production other than organization. I will try to post a video on this thread soon to show how I do it...maybe it will help you figure out some short cuts on your end.
  3. Glad you got in touch with them. You might try here and see if these guys have the blades you are looking for. http://www.pen-tac.com/blades.html
  4. apparently he closed up shop in the Portland area and moved to southern oregon--maybe medford, not sure. not sure if he is still doing business or not but can say that he is still painting blades for a lure manufacturer from someone in the know. good luck...lots of negative feedback on his service.
  5. Not sure what the K blade is but...most colorados are stamped from .018 (hammered) and .020 (smooth). Blades stamped from .025 are avialable but hard to find in bulk. If you think the .025 is what you have in the K blade, send me a private message and I would be willing to discuss a joint purchase on some blades if what you want is the same as me and we can get the quantity we need to make a worthwile purchase. Spinman.
  6. spinman


    I'm in on this late but...been dealing with Lakeland for years...last year or so things have slowed a bit on getting returns on inquiries. Particularly on custom stuff and custom delivery times are way slower than in the past. Zero complaints on service on stock items. Hang in with them they are good.
  7. baitbucket--I have a boggs and it will turn the wire for you real well. The only downfall is the limitation on the length of the lure you can build due the size of the working throat. I build a bunch of salmon inline spinners and anything bigger than about 4.5" is a no go on the boggs. Great for R bends and closed loops though. The twistech is better in the respect that there are no limitations on length of lure but as far as I know, the max wire with it is .041. Just my 2 cents.
  8. I have used it. Did not work for the size of lures I make--too small of a working throat. Not sure it is what will work for what you are talking about doing.
  9. I use TwisTech former heavily and love it. heavy wire die set is available. DuBro just put out a new tool that lure parts online is stocking--runs about $350 but looks like it does everything you would need they have a video here's a link. http://shop.proseriesfishing.com/products/productdetail/part_number=1250/ here is a link to the video on the twistech-- http://www.poulsencascadetackle.com/pages/twis_tech_movie_flash.html if you have any questions on twitech, email me, happy to help--I use it a ton.
  10. what size(s) are you looking for and how many?
  11. Just saw that DuBro just came out with a new wire former. Lure parts online has them Video avail.tosee how it works. Looks pretty nice...
  12. I use the twistech heavily for my salmon spinners and it works great--I use .035 wire. Got the heavier head to turn up to .041 and am making some musky stuff and it works great too--at least up to the max .041 wire size. If you need to make larger baits and need to do a closed eye bend, I have not found a better tool. You can make R bends with it as well--not sure how that function compares with the blue bender but it is a pretty simple opperation on the t-tech. Sells for around $70. Good luck. Spinman
  13. The TwisTech wire former will do the job for you. Lots of suppliers carry it but it can be hard to find in stock. Made by Poulsen Cascade tackle and you can see a video at their site http://www.poulsencascadetackle.com/pages/twis_tech_movie_flash.html
  14. That tubing on the flying c is latex. you can get it at kent latex but they will make you buy a bunch and it is not the cheapest but you will have an exact match. http://www.kentelastomer.com/ kind of a hard company to deal with but overall good product...
  15. spinman

    Spinner For Salmon

    ING-- I have never fished the Sac but have done some trolling for chinook in some warmer water up in the NW and there are a bunch of different color patterns/size combos that have been productive for me. If you want to send me a private message, I'd be happy to share a bit of some of my sucessesful patterns. Can't guarantee they'd work on the Sac but probably would. If you are trolling, my suggestion for warmer, slower water would be larger size blades that have a bit of flash to them. If you are talking weighted spinners for casting and retrieving, I don't have much help for you there.
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