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    Fishing, then some more Fishing...did I say fishing yet?
  1. anamealreadyinuse

    Lil Blaze clone

    nice job!
  2. anamealreadyinuse

    square bill gill

  3. anamealreadyinuse

    Dirty Water Topwater

    My son and I cranked this puppy out this week...heading to fish dark water stained by mangroves hoping this will do the trick. Can't wait!!!
  4. We manufacture handmade 'bama style Umbrella Rigs for In-Shore and Freshwater use on Largemouth Bass, Redfish and Trout. Our kits are optimized to provide a balanced rig system not only for the expert fisherman but also beginners to this amazing method of locating and catching fish.
  5. anamealreadyinuse

    Hints For Drilling Eye Sockets In Wood Blanks?

    I'm going to lose a limb one of these days...LOL...well, maybe not that far but good grief I dremel some of the ugliest eye sockets known to mankind. I upgraded my dremel from the harbor freight model to a variable speed one much more powerful but still have the problem of the bit slipping off my center mark. I also have this same problem when I try to use a ball bit for creating a curve in a popper. I am using the stone (i think its stone) bits that come with both dremel but they seem to struggle with biting into the wood? I hope that makes sense....can anyone recommend a technique or different type of bit that can do eithr of these tasks better? Thanks!
  6. anamealreadyinuse

    Baby Bass glider

    Nice one!
  7. anamealreadyinuse

    First Attempt

    First attempt at pouring soft baits, when opening the glitter jar a TON jumped out into the mix so its a little heavy on the glitter LOL...neat stuff, I can see having alot of fun with this - that stuff ain't no joke once heated though!
  8. anamealreadyinuse

    Coach Dog 4 20 2012

    That is awesome!!!
  9. anamealreadyinuse

    Using Eyes Tutorial?

    Sounds good, thanks for the tip. Can I use any fish eyes I buy or is there a special type for softbaits? Where is the best quality for the $ to purchase in your opinion?
  10. anamealreadyinuse

    Using Eyes Tutorial?

    I am going to use the following two molds to make me some frogs for the first time...I'm not seeing a tutorial about eyes though? Is there a method to pour different color plastic eyes here or even better an actual eye I can embed and then pour in the plastic and it bonds to the eyes?
  11. anamealreadyinuse

    Turkey Injector Okay? Oil Rubber Molds?

    I plan on trying to pour some baits for the first time. Some of the rubber molds have some pretty narrow cavities and I was thinking of using a turkey injector instead of just pouring from the pyrex? Is this safe to do if I use a metal tip injector or will the pour process find all the nooks and crannies? Also, do I coat the rubber mold with vegetable oil before I pour like the injector style molds? Thanks, can't wait to get started!
  12. anamealreadyinuse

    Designed for pike

    WOW! Awesome bait!
  13. anamealreadyinuse

    Foil Method Faux Paux? What Did I Do Wrong?

    Thanks Ben, I think I'll give that a try with the epoxy on the next school. Great idea on the drill Griffond...I bought a new drill on the cheap and did not realize it was not variable...this is exactly the justification I need to get a variable speed one :-)
  14. anamealreadyinuse

    Foil Method Faux Paux? What Did I Do Wrong?

    4 oz. and I dipped it...I love the convenience of it as opposed to mixing devcon but the devcon appears much much stronger. what is a good brand of automotive clear coat to use? I may try that too...
  15. anamealreadyinuse

    Foil Method Faux Paux? What Did I Do Wrong? appears to be between the foil and the tissue paper, when I lance it I can usually get it to lay down...